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Doom movie thoughts?

Doom Movie thoughts?  

53 members have voted

  1. 1. How do you feel about it as a movie?

    • Iss good
    • Iss meh
    • Iss bad
  2. 2. How do you feel about it as a Doom franchise thing?

    • Goot
    • Bad

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Sam Raimi should reboot it, not in slapstick-mode but more serious Spiderman-mode, with the demonic creativity of his Evil Dead efforts. Ridley Scott can co-produce, if he promises not to make anymore Alien prequels.

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Posted (edited)

Sometimes I like to think of how a possible Doom movie might look like -- world and creature design. I like to watch lots of sci-fi/horror films and I go to myself, that could fit in a Doom movie. Ridley Scott and James Cameron can team up together, with John Carpenter doing the film score.











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Haven't seen it. Probably never will.

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On 3/1/2018 at 11:07 AM, Fonze said:

This is our Doomguy; never forget ;p



Didn't she play Harley Quinn?

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7 hours ago, geo said:

Didn't she play Harley Quinn?

I don't get it... is there some joke I'm missing here?

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Posted (edited)


Guess I was wrong.




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I actually really like the Doom movie. Despite having traits that are normally deemed "bad" (Cheesy writing/acting, Dated effects, Loose ties to source material), I think its actually a very well constructed action movie with satisfying tension/payoff, fun and engaging action scenarios, and a great 3rd act twist that sets up the best part of the movie. And come on guys, there's no way it wasn't so cheesy on purpose.


I had a fantastic time laughing and cheering at this movie with some friends during my first viewing a couple of months ago, and in the end I really think that was the intent, to be a fun ride. And to me, it goes above and beyond delivering that.

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Never watched it. Knew from the start that it probably wasn't going to respect the source material all that much. Was put off by the trailers and pre-release info. Once released, word-of-mouth confirmed what I suspected.


Would not and still won't support it.

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The trick is to forget that this movie is (loosely) tied to the game(s). If you ignore this aspect, then you'll probably agree with everything that Plusw said.

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The moment they changed "demons from hell" to what is basically a mutation, the movie lost any claims to call itself Doom.

If we ignore it being called Doom, it was an average action flick with horror elements. If it wasn't for The Rock and Karl Urban, it would have been absolutely forgettable.

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Here are some positives and negatives


  • It included a first-person sequence, which was nice
  • It included the BFG
  • It had the great UAC-Mars-is-under-attack-from-unknown-enemy that Doom has always had.
  • It had one of the characters turn into a demon (supposedly Betruger?)
  • It carries over Doom 1's story (this is also a negative. Read below)


  • It had a short solo fight-for-your-life segment
  • It took the entire 3/4 of the movie for one man to be left
  • As soon as everyone was killed off, there was a "boss" fight.
  • No demons, just genetic mutation and sciencey shit that no one cares about because Universal Studios.
  • The only "demons" were one Imp, one Baron, one Pinky, and numerous Former Humans.

That's just my two cents, though. I personally think it evens out.


On 3/2/2018 at 6:33 PM, Sergeant_Mark_IV said:

- Getting the essential blend of Evil Dead meets Aliens that made the original game possible. You have an Aliens clone script about military guys going into a space colony to save colonists from baddies, and the humor of Evil Dead (I can name several scenes that nailed the over the top humor of Evil Dead perfectly, Destroyer beating a Hell Knight with a CRT screen, the way Portman dies in the bathroom, Pinky's lines,  the "Doctor's Carmack situation is irreversible" scene, the entire FPS part, but specially the part where he shoots the zombie's axe and it breaks and hits his head).

I'm a long-time fan of Aliens and a recent fan of Evil Dead, and think that the movie perfectly blends them, like Doom. The story somewhat matches Aliens and some weapons, really the Chainsaw and SSG, are from Evil Dead.

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The stengths of the Doom movie, in my opinion:

-First-person shooter sequence was well done.

-The combination of 3D special effects (Pinky Demon) with physical special effects (most other enemies, most notably the Hell Knight) was well done and appealing.

-Reaper made a good main character marine.

-While it did lack the hell element, at least it takes place on the Mars UAC station


The weaknesses:

-Lacked the hell element.

-The marines looked more like SWAT and weren't armored up as space marines.

-The Rock, even though he did make for a suitable enough antagonist at the end, got tiresome to watch after a while.

-Plenty of enemies from the games are missing, such as the mancubus, cyberdemon, anacharid, revenant, etc. 

-Overall had a bland and forgettable atmosphere and vibe.


My summary at least. I'm sure much more could be added.

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The first-person sequence was great. They should just make a new movie done entirely like that. If it worked for Hardcore Henry, a DOOM movie in that style should be a no-brainer.

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I remember watching this movie at a friends house shortly after it came out. i cant remember if we rented it or so it on cable but my expectations were so low i only watched it so me and my friend could talk about how much of a hunk the rock is afterward -_-' 

i actually ended up really liking this movie and it is kind of a guilty pleasure thing. the demons being replaced by mutants was really the only bad part because i wanted to see at least a little snippet of hell because i think Painkiller and DOOM 3 envisioned hell perfectly. after seeing this thread i might actually watch this movie again. yeah, it probably wont be as good as i remember it but who knows maybe i will enjoy it even more!

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Call it a different name and it would be a decent forgettable sci fi action flick.


First person scene, the monster costumes and personally the Hell Knight vs Soldier fight are quite good to me. The rest sucks and feel tired.

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Posted (edited)

In my opinion, it's a dumb movie to watch, but it sure as hell isn't the Worst Thing Ever(tm). Believe me, a movie like this could have been a hell of a lot worse.


My biggest issue with this movie is how it tries to tribute the game in such a condescending fashion. Namely, these blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments that try to connect the movie to the games (from Reaper's face in that teleportation orb meant to homage the Soulsphere to the zombies being referred to as "demons"). Unfortunately, the movie they were making is so derivative and so unlike the game. As a result, these homages make absolutely no sense, especially not to your average moviegoer that isn't a hardcore Doom fan. It's almost like they knew that the source material was about fighting demons from Hell, and said homages served as a "fuck you" to the fans of the game.

This just serves to piss off the hardcore Doom fan even further because of the fact that there's no Hell in this movie whatsoever, it's just Resident Evil in space.

Seriously, I was about ten when I saw this movie in theaters, and I thought to myself: where are the other monsters like the Cacodemon or the Revenant? Where are the plasma rifles and berserk packs?


With the most obvious example being the FPS sequence, what the Doom movie really has to offer are these brief little moments that attempts to pay homage to the game, but like I said, the movie they were making is so incredibly generic (like basically being Aliens but without a breadth of what made Aliens successful), it doesn't work when they try to pay tribute to the game this way.

This is all the more depressing when you have both Luke Hobbs and Judge Dredd in your Doom movie, with the latter who's supposed to be the Doomguy! That being said, he would have made an awesome Doomguy, had the movie been more faithful to its source material.



All of that being said, I do think it's one of the more competent video game adaptations. Not as competent as the first Mortal Kombat movie, but close enough. There's an actual budget behind this film, and it especially shows with the monster effects. While some of the budget limitations do show sometimes, they are mostly negligible at best. Even the CGI manages to look decent today. I also have to mention that every actor involved in the movie (especially the main actors) actually do give a shit about their performances, and I honestly commend them for that. I can definitely say for sure that The Rock was extremely entertaining in this movie, and the fact that he fought tooth-and-nail to use the BFG is aces in my book.

So my biggest praise with the movie: at least they tried.


That's pretty much my final verdict. It ain't quite Doom, but at least they tried.

EDIT: It appears that we're not the only ones who didn't appreciate the final product that came out of this movie. It appears that our resident Doomguy, Karl Urban, doesn't really approve of it either. Reportedly, he half-joked that his favorite scene in the movie were the end credits at a convention appearance. Additionally, when a fan told him that when he liked the Doom movie, Karl asked him if he had actually seen it.

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