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A Nobody

Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

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What do you think of modern fps games? I'll put a little list of the things modern shooters are known for. The modern fps has these features...





Grenade Indicators


Online Multiplayer Focus


Aim Down Sighs


Vaulting or Climbing


Regenerating Health


Weapon Carrying Limits


Attachments for Weapons




Melee Button






Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer


Game telling you what to do


No cheats (ex. Big Head Mode, Exploding Enemies After Death)



Not all modern shooters have these features, but they're well known for mostly having them, such as Call of Duty and the newer Battlefield games. If there's already a topic on this, please tell me.


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-Sprinting: Eh. There are some parts of the game where it's vital for movement, but I don't really care for the most part.


-Aim down sights: Also eh. I try not to use them much, but I do when I need to kill an enemy far away.


-Vaulting/Climbing: Wee!


-Regenerating health: [insert GIF of someone vomiting here]


-Weapon carry limit: [insert GIF of someone vomiting out their vital organs here]


-Attachments: They're not always useful, but they generally are decent.


-Perks: no


-Checkpoints: I don't mind them.


-Hand-holding: Stop telling me where to go, and make the levels a little less linear and a little harder to navigate.


-Ranking/Leveling up in MP: NO.


-Game telling you what to do: I know what button to press to make things die, I know how to play the game


-No cheats: I'm on the fence here. On the one hand, it's fun to play with cheats and see what happens (i.e. "superrok" cheat in Turok 2 EX makes the game behave like SuperHot), but at the same time cheats can ruin the experience.

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None of those features are all that new, they've been around for over a decade. But anyway:


1) Sprinting \ Climbing \ Vaulting : I like them, They are an OK alternative to strafe-heavy gameplay and mobility overload (Rocket Jumping, Overwatch's craptop of move abilities). They are weaker than the other methods which make planning a path more important, compared to say TF2's soldier who can strafe rocket jump half a map and land on a medkit with some practice (and all the countless bombing attacks that rampages half the class cast).


2) Hand Holding: Fuck it in all genres and not just fps. Just add a damn checkbox(s) to disable them in options, and possibly a place to re-read IMPORTANT ones like unique mechanics. huge penalty if the hand holding is both obnoxious and game impacting (FUCK YOU DIRECTION ARROWS).


3) Ranking in MP : Good if there is any attempt at match making to save a lot of people from frustration and time wasting games (since you usually can't leave without penalty).


4) Levelling in MP : If it unlocks mandatory abilities to gameplay or stat bonuses then fuck the devs, alternative playstyles or cosmetics are fine. 


5) Regenerating Health : Ok since all it needs is different balancing than static pickups, it better have a limit or dropoff though.


6) Ironsights : Fine if the guns are balanced around using them and not just a gimmick that does nothing. 


7) Cheats : This depends more on the game developer than anything else.


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Sprinting: What kind of trained soldier can only sprint for a few silly seconds? At least be more realistic.


Aim Down Sights: Not against it.


Vaulting or Climbing: It can be fun.


Regenerating Health: Get that shit outta here!


Weapon Carrying Limits: This is the one I'm the most in two minds about. It can certainly provide an incentive to change up your loadout once in a while if you run out of ammo for a certain weapon (or just want to experiment), but the problem in a lot of more recent FPS games seems to be that ammo for a specific weapon is way too plentiful. It's as if the game wants you to use that specific weapon throughout the entire thing. I mean if you're gonna have a 2-weapon carrying limit, at least provide an actual incentive to switch out even that all-purpose assault rifle. Variety is the spice of life, even in video games.


Attachments for Weapons: They're alright.


Perks: Don't mind 'em.


Checkpoints: Not against them, but I do prefer being able to (quick)save whenever I wish.


Hand-Holding: Fuck that shit.


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: I actually sort of like the sense of progression this provides. The excitement of unlocking a new weapon or piece of equipment when you level up is something I can't easily describe.


Game telling you what to do: See "Hand-Holding".


No cheats: But I like fucking around with cheats... ;_;

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Sprinting : Well, it doesn't really matters to me, I can already run faster than my own rockets in Classic Dooms.


Aim Down Sighs : I don't have a real problem with that.


Vaulting or Climbing : I think it's okay tbh.


Regenerating Health : Depend of the game, it makes more sense in science-fi games, but otherwise, it doesn't make real sense to me.


Weapon Carrying Limits : It was better in the oldies, even if it wasn't realistic at all, we didn't care I think, but it depend of the game imo.


Attachments for Weapons : It's ok I think.


Perks : Don't really know what is that (traduction issue on my part)


Checkpoints : I prefered being able to save myself, but in some games I don't mind them.


Hand-Holding : Wut?


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer : Really like the feeling of progression, so yes.


Game telling you what to do : Not a big fan of that.


No cheats : I usually don't like cheating in games, but sometimes it can be fun to mess around with them lol.


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Forgot to add examples for cheats. Big head mode, paintball mode, infinite ammo, fast moving enemies, melee only, all weapons, exploding enemies after death, etc.

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Sprinting: As long as you can sprint for a reasonable amount of time, fine.  Not like a fat kid in gym class.

Aim Down Sights: Okay by me.

Vaulting or Climbing: Not against it.

Regenerating Health: Give me health packs or die.

Weapon Carrying Limits: Depends.  Two weapons is a pain in the ass.  Three or four is alright.  Killzone did this okay.

Attachments for Weapons: Ooh, gimme.

Perks: Fuck that shit.  Raw skill or die.  Take your perks and shove 'em up your fraghole.

Checkpoints: Quicksave or die.

Hand-Holding: Please die.

Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: Really depends on the game.  I had a lot of fun with the progression of RAGE's multiplayer, as well as Killzone's.  Doom 2016, no.

Game telling you what to do: Just give me a waypoint and cut the radio chatter.  I don't need to be told 20 times by the same asshole to accomplish the objective.

No cheats: No loss.  I hardly use 'em unless I'm developing anyway.

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Haven't been interested in a modern shooter for a long time, except for Escape for Tarkov but didn't check how it's doing lately. It looked very promising the last time I checked and got me very interested in it. 


Purely from looking at the release date, the most recent shooter I played would be CS:GO, but nothing newer since, and before it I played Stalker SoC, which I loved and hated at the same time, none of them being "modern" by what's seen today in other games in the genre.


As about the list of features:


Sprinting - Meh, doesn't matter too much to me, save for when I need to run away from a gunfight. And I expect it to neither deplete in 5 seconds nor be infinite, unless it goes hand in hand with the rest of the mechanics and nature of the game. 


Aim Down Sighs - No, I honestly hate this, I like it the old school way. Stalker kinda needed one to use them, but mostly for weapons with scopes where it's understandable. Otherwise, it just fucks my mind when I shoot without aiming down my sights and see the bullets go everywhere.


Vaulting or Climbing - Nothing to say here.


Regenerating Health - No, I find this cheap. Taking cover for a few seconds and then back to shooting... doesn't help in making the player think before acting at all... going full Rambo, take damage, take cover for a few seconds, repeat...


Weapon Carrying Limits - Hm... mixed feelings here. I prefer having plenty of guns with me, but even if it's limited to carrying just a pistol, a rifle/sniper/whatever and a few grenades it doesn't bother me much, despite preferring the former.


Attachments for Weapons - Can live without them, but Stalker taught me they can be pretty useful and great to use when available.


Perks - Not in shooters...


Checkpoints - I hate this if a normal save system is not present in addition to a checkpoint system. Just let me save wherever and whenever I want damn it... especially when I need...


Hand-Holding - Only if the game is complex so it'd be not only justified but also more than welcome.


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer - Could not care less about MP. I'm primarily a single player guy and that's what I care the most and foremost in any game I play. If the SP sucks I'll most likely just quit playing the game altogether. And I expect the game to know what it wants to be, that being either SP or MP centered, don't just throw in one or the other for the sake of "having it there".


Game telling you what to do - I... am not sure what exactly is this supposed to mean in relation to Hand-Holding.


No cheats - I never cheat so I don't care whether the game features them or not.

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sprinting: surprisingly doesn't bother me much

ironsights: i dunno. I understand the idea of it, but it just always looks ridiculous to me, somehow.

vaulting/climbing: don't usually care, but I felt this was a godsend in Doom 4. there was some platform-y bits, this helped give you a bit of an error margin, if you missed you still have a chance to get up.

regen health: I like resource management, honestly, which is why I like medikits.

weapon limits: a great way to ensure that more unique weapons are never touched, at least in my own experience. Like in DNF I never felt that compelled to use the shrinker or the like since I can just have a more generally useful shotgun or ripper in my experience.

attachments: Everyone was worried about weapon attachments in Doom 4 and ended up loving them. I'm down with them

perks: I have no experience.

Checkpoints: Inability to drop out is a little annoying, but I can stand checkpoints. Fuck Doom 4's points of no return though, in a exploration encouraging game

Hand-holding: really depends on how hard they're trying to guide you. Some newer games still do this okay.

ranking/leveling in mp: It's always bugged me but I haven't played a competitive shooter in ages so eh.

Game telling you what to do: okay, I know this gets a bad rep, but with more complicated quests in newer FPS games, they need to be communicated somehow. Maybe a more subtle option exists? The "quest" in Doom games has always been extremely simple, you can write it in the game manual and it applies to almost every level. Special cases like boss maps usually stand out. when you have to do things in modern video games like "blow up the power generator" or whatever, then something more is needed. Even ancient games like Strife usually laid out how to accomplish the current "quest" in the popup screens.

No cheats: never been a dealbreaker in my experience.

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(I know we are supposed to thrash modern games for daring to have these elements, but eh, I like them as well)


Sprinting: Don't mind it really. It can work as a "third gear" when moving around in a shooter, say, slowing down to fire, running at a regular pace when you gotta (not being in a hurry or something), and sprinting and wooshing when you can (across open fields or to the other side of the room. I think trading the ability to fire for extra speed is fair.


Aim Down Sights: I don't mind them existing. I guess some people like to think they are badasses for not using them, but still, sometimes you can be a badass while aiming down the sights, but quickly, a la "quickscoping". If you would take them off or put them on my favorite FPS games, I wouldn't mind really. I might even enjoy the change for a bit.


Vaulting or Climbing: YAAASSSS. I know this isn't as same as "wall strafing" or backwards bhopping or whatever and that the developers intended for you to use them bla bla bla, but I guess it can add to the dynamic and cinematic feel of the game. If guys in action movies can slide over cars, why can't we slide over cars in our games as well? All in all I like them a lot.


Regenerating Health: Don't mind that they exist. I can handle myself fine with or without medikits available around every corner. I do, however, like it when games give you the ability to carry medikits along with you, and give you a animation of you using it for two three seconds, or if there is a quick-fix button in a non-regen game which would give you that little boost to ease your path over to the next med-station. All in all, I don't mind having regenerating health or not, but I do love it when developers make use of a new healing system, no matter how "bad" it is. (Also wanna drop the fact that the newest CoD doesn't have the traditional regen system, but it doesn't demand you to scrounge levels for medikits neither, you can apparently call a fellow soldier to toss you a medikit, and he can give you one or not, depending on various circumstances (but will most likely give you one), this is what kinda made me give some respect for the newest game)


Weapon Carrying Limits: Again, don't mind them. Give me just a gun and a pistol and I won't really care. I do, however, feel a bit bothered playing a game that doesn't have a weapon carrying limit but somewhat demands me to keep firing the same ugly weapon over and over till I can get a new weapon then scrounge the level for some ammo just so I can enjoy the new weapon. Either way, this depends on the games themselves. A good way to implement a limit would be to give a little nudge to creativity and randomness from players, and not just let you clean levels with one weapons. Games without limit should also force a little variety and let me DROP THIS FUCKING PISTOL ALREADY FFS.


Attachments for Weapons: Don't mind them.


Perks: This can get interesting. Depends on the game in question again. A good perk system would allow something more of usual while cutting down something else... that is, if I am thinking correctly about this subject. Still, I guess a good perk in a shooter game would, lets say, let you toss two more grenades while lowering down your resistance to the grenades themselves. Good perk systems won't hold the player's hands, and might give a challenge and offer the player to sharpen up their skills. Say, with the "grenade perk" I explained, a player can learn to bounce them around without having to stick closely to one limit, while preventing him from throwing blindly around without a incentive, and a skilled player with this perk would bomb everything like a bomber plane, while a newbie player would most likely blow himself up on the second try.


Checkpoints: I don't mind them existing. However, if a game treats the beginning of a level as a checkpoint and doesn't allow manual saving or quick saving, while forcing you to deal with some difficult shit, well... this I mind. A lot.


Hand-Holding: This is...? I guess this is for the older vets to use and spit on modern games, yeah. Definitely. It is quite hard for me to find a game that has anything similar to "hand-holding" these days, and if I can complain, just a lot of games today are being made with the incentive that whoever is going to play them already has experience within the similar genre. I cannot think of a game that has the notorious "treating you as a baby" tutorial everyone seems to complain about.


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: Uhhh, what would the player get by leveling up? Ah, nevermind, I find this okay, as long as it doesn't take like 70 years to get a rank by continous play. A lot of games have a broken matchmaking system though, but still. Fair concept.


Game telling you what to do: I guess this is the similar dump stat like the hand-holding described up there. Lemme guess; the next 50 posts will have "I fucking hate modern games for having these babysitting tutorials nowadays, fuck them.", whenever it be this one or the hand-holding one above. Real "non-biased" move there /s


No cheats (ex. Big Head Mode, Exploding Enemies After Death): Ehh, don't mind them not existing, nor do I mind their existance. I think the first Modern Warfare had the "cheats" like this, like enemies turning into tires upon death, cluster grenades, "ye olde" mode which speeds up the game, adds a filter over the screen and plays the piano over the game. Fun stuff, yeah! I don't mind them gone really. I think, however, that I was very pissed off when one iteration of PES didn't have the jokey helmets or jokey balls anymore after it's previous one: You could have the ball be a pillow, a barrel, or stuff like that, and you can design your 'mates to wield afros, spartan helmets, stuff like that. It was silly, and I felt very wronged seeing that PES removed it (OH SHIT THIS IS ABOUT MODERN SHOOTERS SORRY)

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I hate how most developers nowadays are afraid of gore. Battlefield 1 is a good example of this. I wanna see dudes legs flying off after a mortar shelling.

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4 hours ago, The-Heretic-Assassin said:

If there's already a topic on this, please tell me.


It's been discussed into the ground. 

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Sprinting? Bad unless there's an "always run" option or has some Brink-like mechanics.

Aim down sights? I wouldn't complain if I were in you. It's not bad but not good,just something that can improve noob's aim.

Vaulting and Climbing? I like it.

Regenarating health? It SUCKS!

Weapon carrying limits? Why does it even exist? Well,except in cases where you can have only one weapon. If there's 2 slots or more,it sucks.

Attachments for weapons? Depends. DOOM 4's mods were cool.

Perks...traduction issue 404 here...

Checkpoints? I prefer quicksaving,but I can't really complain.

I sincerely dunno what is hand-holding in fpses...

Ranking is both bad and good.


Apart from jokes,it's okay as long as it's not oppressive like in that frag-sicking COD.


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- Sprinting

Mostly inoffensive unless it 'runs out' super quickly.


- Aim Down Sights

Inoffensive, if the game aims for realism I find it required to fully immerse myself (like ArmA or Insurgency).


- Vaulting or Climbing



- Regenerating Health

A large variable.


- Weapon Carrying Limits

A variable, if it's aiming for realism I welcome it. If it's supposed to be a fun romp I'd prefer it not being there.


- Attachments for Weapons

A variable. Depends on the game's weapons and how well the system works.


- Perks

A variable, this is mostly for multiplayer, which I'm not interested in in most modern FPS.


- Checkpoints

I prefer manual saving, or just having both. Otherwise it depends on the game, some games are fine because they have you hitting checkpoints often. Other games are abysmal with it and will set you back large sections of a game because they are spread so thin.


- Hand-Holding

I honestly don't know what this relates too in terms of Modern FPS. Having an objective marker or something?


- Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer

See perks. Otherwise inoffensive.


- Game telling you what to do

Don't most games do this?


- No cheats (ex. Big Head Mode, Exploding Enemies After Death)

A non-issue.

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It's all fun. I like the variety. 


Really the only problem with the FPS market is the incoming wave of "retro" shooters that don't look or play retro in the slightest (Strafe, Dusk, Ion Maiden, Hellscreen etc etc etc). Tired of slaughterfests devoid of exploration and suspense; it's like these people never played Doom at all but read articles about it. 

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Fine, as long as the player's non-sprinting run speed isn't particularly slow.

Aim Down Sights

Generally a positive thing.

Vaulting or Climbing

Generally a positive thing.

Regenerating Health

I think it works well in the Elder Scrolls series and stealth based games but tends to detract from many first person shooters.

Weapon Carrying Limits

Again, I find that it works well in the Elder Scrolls series but tend to find it a hindrance in most first person shooters.

Attachments for Weapons

Generally a positive thing.


Not sure what this means?


Not a fan of checkpoint-only saves.  I play first person shooters more for the exploration than anything else and find that the lack of a quicksave format discourages me from exploring the levels as much.  I am discouraged from hunting for secrets in case I die and find that the previous checkpoint was before a couple of battles.


Not sure what this means either...

Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer

Generally fine.

Game telling you what to do

I think it's good to guide the player with hints sometimes, but when you're shepherded down a very linear path I think it becomes a negative thing.

No cheats (ex. Big Head Mode, Exploding Enemies After Death)

Not a fan.  I know cheats sometimes get abused, but I often like the ability to cheat through parts of levels after having completed them without cheats, and cheats are often useful for mapping.  However I do agree with the policy of disabling achievements in save games where cheats have been used.

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I like to play pretty competitively. Whatever the rule set is, that's the rule set and I'll play it. While I don't have any strong opinions of how a shooter should be, there is a part of me that would like to see a more oldschool style FPS hit the mainstream again. There's been a small resurgence of it which is nice to see, and it will be interesting to see what kind of influence that has in the coming years.

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Sprinting - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Aim Down Sighs - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Vaulting or Climbing - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Regenerating Health - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Weapon Carrying Limits - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Attachments for Weapons - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Perks - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Checkpoints - Depends if it suites the theme the game is going for.


Hand-Holding - see 'Game telling you what to do'.


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer - I don't care for it personally but I don't really like Multiplayer.


Game telling you what to do - 'Games telling you what to do' is what they're supposed to do. The good ones hide it better.

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They're all fine, except perks and weapon attachements (the latter not much), they serve nothing but complicate the gameplay, although they can be featured in a cohesive way that isn't too confusing and also fun to play around with, Sprinting is also okay, unless the game has limited stamina that runs out real quick, and I don't mind health regeneration if the difficulty is reasonable.


My only real complaint about some modern FPS games is how they're so limited in terms of level design, they usually boil down to just walking in straight lines that don't offer much exploration or don't require thinking, as a result the game feels on autopilot and even repetitive, the only actual input you're given is when you're allowed to shoot things or press something on your way to the next checkpoint (they make games feel like brainless run and gun in 3D).

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Sprinting: Doom has this... I'm confused why this is considered a modern feature.


Aim Down Sights: Pointless feature that gets in the way of a game for "realism". I never use it.


Vaulting or Climbing: Usually poorly implemented, but extra methods of movement ain't necessarily bad.


Regenerating Health: I used to be entirely against, until Minecraft showed me a better way of implementing it. I'm not aware of any FPS that does it in a sane way.


Weapon Carrying Limits: more "realism" making the game worse. No thanks.


Attachments for Weapons: As long as it doesn't feel mandatory to defeat certain enemies, I ignore the feature. It's some micromanagement BS I don't care to do when playing an FPS.


Perks: Dunno what this means?


Checkpoints: Thank goodness. They've been part of games for longer than Doom, and they're a welcome feature in FPSes. I don't like manually saving games, I often forget to do just that while I'm playing anyway.


Hand-Holding: Doesn't sound like a specific feature, but more of a complaint about linear gameplay where branching paths are kept to a minimum if implemented at all. On the extreme, feeling like you can just walk forward and press the trigger a few times to beat a game is boring.


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: Meh, multiplayer isn't my thing anyway, but a ranking system or leaderboard to show who the better players are is fine.


Game telling you what to do: Isn't this hand-holding?


No cheats: Mixed. Cheating in multiplayer should never be allowed, in single player it's ... fine. It cheapens the experience if you use it just to beat the game of course, but when it is single-player, nobody else is affected but you.

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Sprinting: Don't care as long as it's not sprinting for less than 5 seconds and then immediately tiring out. No such trained combatant exists unless they've never trained in their life.


Aim Down Sights: Don't care as long as it's not just for show (firing without it doesn't affect accuracy) or is exaggerated (more zoomed in than it should be for a shorter ranged weapon).


Vaulting or Climbing: Don't care as long as it isn't inconsistent (immersion breaking).


Regenerating Health: Depends, it's better for Call of Duty due to pacing reasons, or if its themed accordingly (but not like how DNF does it).


Weapon Carrying Limits: Depends, it somewhat grieves me in a game like FEAR because I like almost all the weapons but it works in Call of Duty and similar titles, NOT in something like Wolfenstein, Doom or Duke Nukem where having multiple weapons options is key to the core mechanics.


Attachments for WeaponsDon't care as long as it's themed or if its optional for stock weapons or downgrade challenges.


Perks: Depends, nu-Doom handled these pretty well in single player, probably don't want to see them in every shooter's campaign though.


CheckpointsDon't care as long as they're common and not in placement of manual saves, which is almost never handled well.


Hand-Holding: Waypoints? Flashing? Objective indicators? Buster buttons? Depends, if it's a highly detailed environment or a very same-y looking environment I feel these help with pacing, but if I know what I'm doing or if it's an older game that I'm familiar with I'd prefer to have them off.


Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: It's whatever to me, could be nice if I cared, as in played MP.


Game telling you what to do: A well designed game will cue you in with bread crumbs or certain environmental indicators that aren't immersion breaking on what to do or where to go next, so I don't have a problem with this as long as they don't assume I'm a retard (pop-up indicators for the obvious, especially ones that feel the need to remind you every so often, like I haven't already figured it out by now). What I really have a problem with though is games that won't let you sprint, jump, crouch, pick up or use things until it says you can.


No cheats (ex. Big Head Mode, Exploding Enemies After Death): Don't care, don't use cheats in normal gameplay, more for 'debugging' purposes than anything else.

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Sprinting: Limited amount of sprinting is pretty annoying.

Aim Down Sights: Depending on the weapon, this can be a useful function, especially for accuracy type weapons.

Vaulting or Climbing: I don't mind it.

Regenerating Health: I can see regenerating a tiny chunk so the player has a fighting chance.

Weapon Carrying Limits: Definitely against.

Attachments for Weapons: Nothing against it, Doom 2016 made good use of it.

Perks: That depends on the game.

Checkpoints: Could work depending on the game.

Hand-Holding: Should be optional.

Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: Not for but I don't play multiplayer all that much.

Game telling you what to do: As long as it's not hand-holding, having a general goal to do something but having options is alright.

No cheats (ex. Big Head Mode, Exploding Enemies After Death): I'd rather have something like Goldeneye 64 where you can unlock cheats after beating the game to screw around with.

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11 hours ago, chungy said:

Sprinting: Doom has this... I'm confused why this is considered a modern feature

Most of these have been in games for a decade or two by now, Nothing about them modern. The only one that surfaces more now is level up systems and annoying as shit tutorials.

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They're fine I guess, nothing inherently wrong with the things you listed, some of those things have been around for 20+ years. Titanfall 2 is one of the better games of the year it came out and I think does all of those.

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Oi, I have something that should be added to the list for modern FPS. Cover-based firefights. What are your thoughts regarding these?

Personally, I don't mind them in something like Call of Duty since it's realistic (well as realistic as regenerating health and one man armies go), but I do prefer being mobile and running and gunning as opposed to staying in one spot. Which is another reason why DNF was so painful to play.

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3 hours ago, Pegg said:

Most of these have been in games for a decade or two by now, Nothing about them modern. The only one that surfaces more now is level up systems and annoying as shit tutorials.

It's not sprinting, it makes you go faster in Doom. Sprint is where you can't shoot while running. Sorry, this was meant for Chungy.

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1 hour ago, cyan0s1s said:

Oi, I have something that should be added to the list for modern FPS. Cover-based firefights. What are your thoughts regarding these?

Personally, I don't mind them in something like Call of Duty since it's realistic (well as realistic as regenerating health and one man armies go), but I do prefer being mobile and running and gunning as opposed to staying in one spot. Which is another reason why DNF was so painful to play.

Brothers in Arms : Hell's highway did most things the op asks about well, cover based fights and iron sights especially (and on max difficulty, no hand holding so even better for a replay!). Bioshock Infinite for a game that did a lot of them in a really shitty and annoying way (I only bothered completing it for -STORY SPOILERS- supposed tie ins with the original two, which was very lackluster imo).

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I am not sure why people complain about checkpoints. Is it really worse than save scumming?

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