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Do you actually run away from enemy encounters?

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Only for strategy reasons, taking a more advantageous position or if I run out of ammo, to get some more. I navigate the maps very patiently and systematically eliminate any threat that might be there by any means necessary as with fast monsters, you cannot just run in and kill everything while the enemies are just harmlessly walking around, not doing anything. I use cover against hitscanners, or if the projectile situation gets too hot with the fast monsters and it reaches a point where dodging everything is no longer possible or safe. I do not exit a map, unless I have 100% kills and secrets (except unreachable or bugged monsters).  If I reach the end of a level and there is one secret and 2 monsters missing in any WAD I play, I will spend additional 30 minutes there if need be, hunting for the last secret and the 2 monsters. If it is a very hard to find secret, my last resort is desperately wallhumping every wall in the map while constanly chainsawing them until I find it (but I usually find it before then). I even started regularly killing the Cyberdemon at the end of MAP29 in Doom II.

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Hell, yes, I actually run away from enemy encounters.


[Can anyone say "bak bak bak bak bakaaak"?]

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I generally kill everything; but will run away as often as necessary to stay alive long enough to finish the map.  

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