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Cant delete my DW account

Challenges I'm doing and recording to show off

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They'll be uploaded on youtube.

-Beating MAP30 with textures diabled (Wolfenstein-like but not even on walls)

-Finding at least 10 singleplayer bugs/shortcuts in QDCE

-In Complex Doom,finishing my OBLIGE MAP30 on pistol start.

-Defeating B.D. S.P. (Just to not name 'em) bosses with vanilla weapons.

-Finishing Doom64Retribution MAP28 without demon keys.

-Finishing Evilution's MAP30 on pistol start.

-Trying a "numbered" horror wad (Ok maybe not this one)

Expect me to do posts which contain the links for videos containing the challenges above.

If you want,you can tell me another challenge to do.

Currently I'm most busy with the first one (I'm not using freelook,of course).


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