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My first Doom Wad.

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At the very least, when you post a map, in addition to the link to it, include:

  • Screenshots
  • What port the map is designed for (vanilla, Boom, etc.)
  • Which iwad you need (if you need Plutonia to play it, that's the kind of thing that is important to know)
  • What map slot it uses if it's not the first one (this will save people headaches looking for it)

Any other information would be appreciated and there is a lot more detail in the post I linked to from @CapnClever.

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So I just gave it a playthrough. Looks pretty good for a first wad! However it'd be pointless to even leave a comment if i didn't give some suggestions:

The Music is far too loud, to the point where it overshadows every sound effect in classic DOOM. This can easily be remedied with a simple audio editing program like audacity, and lowering the amplification a bit.



This textured area does look nice where the lines actually line up, however the grey lines are off center on the bottom row. This can be remedied by making your editing pixel size 1, and adding a floor to cover up the bottom part of the dark grey tek wall.


The gameplay is very cramped. While this isn't always a bad thing, it sort of works against you in most situations. 
The monster layout was OK, I wasn't really fond the inclusion of the archvile, or the lost soul room. The map has a nice tempo that is shattered by the archviles inclusion, if you want to introduce a tough monster as early as map 1, try giving a slightly more powerful weapon than just the basic shotgun and chaingun.



There is an area in the archvile room where you can fall down into water and you cannot escape. Either make the floor damaging, or provide a lift, otherwise this will lead to a frustrating dead end for people who like to explore maps for untagged secrets ect.


Lighting is very important! Especially since you included lights on the sides of almost every door. Try making those sectors a little bit brighter, or give them a flicker effect.

I hope this doesn't come across as rude, for your first map this is pretty good. Keep mapping and play a lot of maps! You'll only get better. 

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-complevel 2 demo in 1:40 (I took some time to shake my head at the sky on the wall): bon-stolenmp3.zip

It's not an FDA because I died twice and got softlocked once.


A lot of "no's" here:

  • (possibly) stolen mp3: no
    • mp3 is in AND out of the wad, making an 11kb map into an 11mb .zip file: no
    • using an mp3 to begin with in such a tiny map: no
  • tiny and cramped: no
  • nukage at the beginning does no damage: no
    • water below the archvile does no damage, leaving you softlocked: no
    • a bunch of pointless teleport destinations in the water that do nothing: no
  • mismatching textures/flats on the crates (CRATOP1 and CRATOP2 for crate tops): no
    • taking a screenshot of said mismatched crates: no
  • creating extra sectors in the wall instead of creating new vertices when texturing (v to enter vertex mode in gzdoombuilder): no
    • ironically then putting a picture of the sky as a texture on a wall, when making the extra sectors would have been correct: no
  • mixing up the 'door opens after 5 minutes' and 'door closes after 30 seconds' sector effects and breaking your troll attempt: no
  • no texture alignment (a, shift+a, and ctrl+a in gzdoombuilder): no
  • mapping for vanilla: ...yes
    • not telling anybody: no

A noble effort, but a lot of rookie mistakes. I liked the minor sector and texture detailing, though.

Just keep making maps but try to really go crazy with your first couple. Experiment, try random things, use odd texture choices and lighting, learn different tricks, speedmap, I dunno. I feel bad about being mean. The mp3 thing probably doesn't even matter. I'm sorry. ;~;


If you need help with the sky thing (or any other mean thing I said), lemme know friend.

Edited by bonnie

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Hello, i tooked the liberty to play your wad and posted it on my youtube channel. I do it for fun and to encourage new map makers. Congrats for your first Wad.

I must say you should check more tutorials about mapping, and everything is much said in the answers above. Keep working on that ;)



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I would have gone with a MIDI instead to greatly reduce size, and replaced the Arch-vile as seen in Austinado's video that he struggled to kill with a shotgun only due to it being more of a choke point and boxy shape. That and the usual misalignments/lack of lighting variation/lack of items.


Keep building maps for us to play and critique!

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