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Blood & Duke3D Resource Packs (Bonus: E1L3 included)

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Figured I should also release them alone without extra files, full Blood texture pack with proper naming convention (file attached) If you're interested in porting Blood maps or are just looking for Blood Truecolor .png Texture pack (tested only on ZDoom, GZDoom and Zandronum).


Cryptic Passage and Plasma Pak not fully included, the only level I fixed the pack for was CP01, I'll update the pack later (maybe)


UPDATE: Duke joins the ride, featuring E1L3! (details here)












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There already is a Blood texture pack in R667 repository and it has textures from the game and from both expansion packs. Are there any differences between your texture pack and the R667 one?


Also, your screenshot links are broken for me. Not anymore.

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The main and most important difference is the naming convention, they're named BTIL(something) to allow easy map porting.

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doing Duke3D next, TILES001,TILES002,TILES003,TILES004,TILES005,TILES006 done, have to manually edit some stuff before using mass renamer.



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Keeping this here so I can get back to it once I start working on the ANIMDEFs



Street banners

BTIL0777 > BTIL0778

BTIL1009 > BTIL1011

BTIL1244 > BTIL1246


BTIL0546 > BTIL0549



Gas Leaks

BTIL1250 > BTIL1254

BTIL1255 > BTIL1259


BTIL0130 > BTIL0149

BTIL0162 > BTIL0171

BTIL0712 > BTIL0713

BTIL0860 > BTIL0865

BTIL1055 > BTIL1056

BTIL1105 > BTIL1106

BTIL1111 > BTIL1112

BTIL1122 > BTIL1123

BTIL1130 > BTIL1131

BTIL1142 > BTIL1143


BTIL0200 > BTIL0202

BTIL0260 > BTIL0262

BTIL0336 > BTIL0339

BTIL0889 > BTIL0892

BTIL1082 > BTIL1087


BTIL1280 > BTIL1292

BTIL1298 > BTIL1311

BTIL0268 > BTIL0270

BTIL0527 > BTIL0529

BTIL0530 > BTIL0532

BTIL0533 > BTIL0535

BTIL0806 > BTIL0808

BTIL1145 > BTIL1150


BTIL0294 > BTIL0296

BTIL0451 > BTIL0452


BTIL1176 > BTIL1177


BTIL0407 > BTIL0410

BTIL0853 > BTIL0855

BTIL0893 > BTIL0895


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AAAA, this is horribly unfinished and I haven't touched it for like 5 months but whatever have fun, I will probably throw some updates occasionally and perhaps port more levels, TILES0000 to 0012 done. TILES0013 to 0019 are coming (when they're done™).


The process of porting the assets involves a lot of renaming and recreating so it wasn't so easy to port these.


The level format is UDMF and uses couple of interactive portals so it requires the latest GZDoom (I think), the actors are written in DECORATE and the TEXTURES lump is in ZDoom format and they're .PNGs.






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On 6/18/2018 at 1:37 AM, ChrisVR said:

Wow, great job!

But how do you convert the maps to Doom format?


extremely late reply I know, sorry! I missed it, The way I ported the levels of both Duke3D and Blood is by extracting the game files to ZDoom folder (Tested only with ZDoom 2.7.1, may or may not work with ZDoom 2.8, and does not work with GZDoom) and loaded them using the -file command line parameter, this does not load the levels however, so you'll have to export the level files from the .GRP and load them manually using the -file parameter again, use -art parameter to load art files and -bpal to load palette files, I don't know if these are needed but load them in case you get missing textures, palette issues....etc.


If done correctly you can warp to levels using the map console command (eg: map e1l3), then dump the maps to a .wad file using the console command dumpmap, this will extract a converted copy of the map in Doom in Hexen Format, the conversion won't be accurate because of missing features and engine differences of course, you'll see a lot of rooms and stuff "drawn" above one another, you'll have to disable auto-merging in the map editor so you can move them without messing up the map, keeping them above each other will result in glitches, errors, bugs ... etc, after that you'll have to fix the rest of the map by basically re-implementing every other gameplay element from scratch :p (doors, lifts, switches, breakable walls, slopes, teleports, portals ....etc), not to mention you'll have to align textures.


As for porting the textures, you simply extract them from the data files and rename them with correct order using a program like Advanced Renamer (BTILxxxx), There is no proper convertion tool so 70% of the work has to be done manually, hope this helps!



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