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Joe Todd

ZDoom Windows Crashes When Closed

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When I load windows ZDoom windows version, the game works fine, but when I close the small box it leaves up, windows hangs/crashes. It just fills windows with alot of scribbly and weird lines and I have to reboot. Any advice?

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What zdoom version and how do you start it? The latest public offering is at zdoom.notgod.com/ftp, it's beta33 which should not do that. If you do not start from a DOS box, there should be no window left open, that sounds like an abnormal exit and your computer is probably left in an invalid video mode for Windows.

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Joe Todd said:

Whoever views this next, please drop a reply.

the_Danarchist said:



Now now, be nice!

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sparky said:

dude try the zdoom forums :)


That, the questions- or source port forum.

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