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Joining sectors GZDoom/Doom Builder


How do I "join" two sectors in Doom Builder?

And by "joining" I mean that two sectors that don't share any linedef or vertex behave as one sector, which means they have the same height, floor/ceiling textures and brightness.
Basically the reverse of the "Make sectors" tool in Doom Builder.

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4 hours ago, StevenC21 said:

IIRC, just select both and press J.

In addition, if you want to join sectors that do share lines you can press Shift-J to join the sectors and remove their shared lines.

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If the sectors you are joining have any lines in common, J (Join) will leave them there and Shift-J (Merge) will remove them, I think. I always get those confused. If I got it backwards, that's what Control-Z (Undo) is for. Each is useful in certain circumstances.

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