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PSX like Colored E1M1

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Posted (edited)

Soo umm.. Hi hello im gonna do some boring talk here if you don't want to read this part just read the parts with bold font.


First of all hello DOOMWORLD community. Im quite new here, i have made a little map for doom1 a mouth ago and i share it on moddb but i tough it can reach more people from doom dedicated forums soo here we are!


I gotta say that i will never make this concept to any other map so you can call this as a demo that will never going to be finished, the reason? Because im not talented nor patient, it actually was quite easy even though this was my first finished map ever (if you can call this as my map i mean) and didn't take really long even with all of those research (i didn't even know how to open a door in udmf before this) it take only 6 hours but the real reason why i made this project was i really liked psx dooms colored lights so i wanted to play doom with that colors but i hated the graphical and geometrical sacrifice for running this on ps.
So i said maybe i should make the first step for this kind of project so actually talented and patient people will make this into a real mappack, so i would play doom with some sick colors. 


Also i add some of the features from psx doom to here like that slight bulge on the exit switch, slowly fading light effect on the exit room and transparent secret wall.

I was also thinking of fixing all the texture connections but i couldn't decide if that will be too far off.


So basically i made this demo mod only for influence someone else to make the full version of it... Yes i am THAT lazy, go figure!

Because of that please don't ask me to do the rest of the maps. There is and there will be only E1M1.


Lets get to the technical parts shall we.


This map has udmf structure, and crashes original engine and of course chocolate doom so don't even try. Zdoom is an option but even though it runs well as a software renderer fan i sadly have to say that it looks like hot garbage. So you can try this with any engine that has gl render, i personally tried on gzdoom 3.


Basicly i only tried with gzdoom but you can try runing it with engines that has hardware renderer.

Obviously you need doom1 iwad for this.




Here some screenshots:






If you have any questions/feedback please read the part with italic font first.


Also i coudnt find the forum rules so i dont know if its forbiden to use another sites link but just for easy tracking and uploading i will use my moddb link: Download


Ah yeah.. I also made the gl dynamic light shadowmaps + 3d ceiling lights version of this mod you can find it here


Credits to:

-DRD Team for GZDoom builder

-Kippykip(fenderc01 for PSX Doom TC, ULTRA_LASER for HD PSX Sounds, perkristian for HD PC sounds!) (i get most of the color data from there)
-Brutal doom discord community
-Countless people from youtube and doomworld (i am so sorry for not getting the names next time if i make a mod i'll write all the names)

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Posted (edited)

But there is a PSX doom TC..... what's the point? Why not be not lazy and do original levels in the PSX style instead?

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Well first of all i have to convert everything to udmf, thanks to gzdoom builders system fix at least the level geometry and the textures are correct yet there is still some few things that are time consuming. 


Firstly i have to manually convert every action to udmf and actions in psxdoomtc and original doom are different in some places.


This might look like a little task but i really don't know much about actions in gzdoom builder and i can't use original doom format either because i want to keep alpha transparent textures and if i want to expand the idea on the level afterwards udmf is lots more advanced.


Not just that but if you look at the level you can see that i actually played with some light levels, these kind of things that i have to decide and because im really judgmental and its really hard to satisfy myself, not just that but i also have to decide which type of geometry i have to use on different places for example making that wall alpha texture.


I could just say "original is better" but i have to find the perfect mixture of both of the levels.


These might look really little things but another thing is e1m1 is one of the smallest and most basic level in doom1 and if i have to do this for all of them im afraid i would be stressed out (don't worry i know im kind of a little bch, you don't have to tell me :p).

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