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Which of the original DOOM levels do you think has the best sector lighting/lighting effects?

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E2M6 was my favorite iwad map many years ago just for its lighting effects. These days, I'm not so crazy about it because of its chaotic geometry and texturing, but the lighting is still really creepy and gives me the familiar old sense of apprehension even though I could probably UV-max (max kills anyway, I've never been good at finding secrets) it in my sleep now.

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i remember being blown away by this shadowing:




coming from wolfenstein that was crazy scary


unfortunately they didn't bother with these sector shadows that much in other maps


duke3d made massive usage of sector shadows back then

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The IWAD maps are nicely lit for the most part, but they don't really make much use of effects, beyond suddenly plunging the player into darkness. So if you want to show-off the capabilities of sector lighting, you're better off looking at user-made levels. Just thinking about recent stuff, dobu's Saturine Chapel deploys some very neat tricks.


Edit: Check out dobu's recent post in the screenshot thread for a nice example.

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