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E1M1 with gl light shadowmaps + 3d ceiling lights

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Hi, it’s me again, I’m gonna do some boring talk so if you don’t want to read that please skip the parts with italic font and just read the parts with bold font.


You may or may not know that I created a map before this about e1m1 with psx like colors this one is kind of a follow up for it.

So unlike the other one this mod uses gzdooms open gl feature called light shadowmaps.

For explaining in the shortest way light shadowmaps are pre calculated shadows for dynamic lights. It’s really underrated but that’s for a reason, it’s quite the pain in the stuff. Because of its kind of in an early state it does not support moving objects such as doors and elevators. The lights penetrate through doors or elevators that are possible to move even though they actually are in a closed state. Also because of all the dynamic lights in gzdoom are sphere lights and they don’t support directional lights (at least in my knowledge) it can be really annoying to work around with some shadow effects.

Yet im here for showing the potential of light shadowmaps on classic doom level e1m1 with this map.

I started this project months before I created the colored e1m1 but after 3 days of working around it I just abandon it because of some difficulties and because of how new at map making in doom I was. But after I done with psx style e1m1 I said that maybe I come back to this idea and find a way around these difficulties. So I done gl version in a day and made an extra 3d ceiling lights version of it.


I really was fascinated with the 3d ceiling lights idea of “CR4ZZY D Productions” so I wanted to mix my gl lights idea with his idea from the second I saw his video. Of course because of how doom is rendered, the 3d lights version cause some serious frame drops at some parts such as the last 2 rooms so in a way these two versions of the map I made are literally show offs and I never intend on making the other levels of doom.


So let’s get to the technical parts shall we?

You can run this map only on gzdoom you also have to open light shadowmaps feature (its off by default), you can find it at Options > Display Options > Dynamic Light Options.


Also the first button that gets you to outside isn't working due to Light Shadowmaps'es nature but don't worry you can get to outside from the back door.


And obviously you need doom1 iwad for this.



Here some pictures:



And one for the 3d ceiling lights:





If you have any questions/feedback please read the part with italic font first.


Also i coudnt find the forum rules so i dont know if its forbiden to use another sites link but just for easy tracking and uploading i will use my moddb link: Download

Also for some unknown reason using smoothdoom mod helps with the frame drop issue for 3d ceiling lights version.


You can also check out the OG psx style colored lights version by clicking this


Credits to:


-DRD Team for GZDoom builder

-CR4ZZY D Productions for the 3d ceiling lights idea

-Kippykip(fenderc01 for PSX Doom TC, ULTRA_LASER for HD PSX Sounds, perkristian for HD PC sounds!) (i get most of the color data from there)

-Brutal doom discord community

-Countless people from youtube and doomworld (i am so sorry for not getting the names next time if i make a mod i'll write all the names)

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