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possible lvl names

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Here are some possible level names and hub sets, hope they help you with any ideas ;)

The Baphomet's Grotto
Devil's shilouette
Shades of Red
The Defiled Altar
Dis' Rebuttal

Brownwell Coal & Steel Co.-

Fort Santra- Military complex-
Outposte 12
Control Station

Merin Industrial Complex-
Sector 26- Weapons Production
Sector 14- Explosives Manufacturing
Sector 3- Southern Cargo docks

UAC International- Sanfransisco, USA-
Security Building
UAC-GS Barraks (Ground Soldiers)
Sewage & Waste Processing plant
Experimental Weapons Labs
Office Park

Edit: Obviously Spacing is messed up.

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Why Pittsburgh? Sanfransisco is cool (wish i were... ugh, ...there)

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ravage, yes, San Francisco is a nice city. But hey, you're planning to fill it with Hellspawn! Nasty.

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'Fort Santra' conjurs up images of psychotic, blood crazed, gun toting elves.

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