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Does anyone map for the "Im Bored!" section in the cacowards?

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I see them all the time, yet never heard of actual maps coming form it. I dunno, the mappers here who cant find any inspiration can use that?

Maybe we can start a community project out of this, who knows.

Edited by fraggle : remove 4chan brain damage

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I mapped for one a few years ago. Search for Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab, or ph_quik5.zip - I hit the marks in the randomly generated section. IIRC, I didn't bother with later ones as they weren't so easily doable. 

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I re-designed the column as a means to separate the just from the unjust. Only those who are enlightened such that they might use id tech 1 level design to depict nuanced phenomenon like the innards of a mythical dog monster or economic theory will ascend beyond the firmament and into the waiting arms of Christ Romero.


So far, every single one of you is going to Hell.

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