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A vanilla doom II map

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when i went to visit my parents i forgot to bring my thumb drive with me so while i was visiting for a week i used my old childhood computer in my attic bedroom to make this doom II map. after reading bonnie's post in my vanilla doom 1 thread i went back and made some changes. im not extremely happy with this level but because i didnt preplan it on a notebook like my other maps its kind of different and i spent a lot of time on it. i guess you can say im in a big learning phase c: 

i took a lot of inspiration *coughstolecough* from the opening level of Final DOOM on PS1. it was my first doom game i ever played and it gave little me so much hell. decided to call this map abel's wall.


looking for feedback as always!


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casual -complevel 2 uv-max in 8:03 - bonilladoomII.zip (not an fda because i kept dying at the beginning)




first bit of feedback: you gotta heckin figure out how to do screenshots and puttin your level info down and stuffs

people wanna see and know everything they need to know before they commit to trying to play your levels


second bit of feedback: good yes


third bit of feedback: some of the lighting was pretty wild, you have to pay attention to how a light source will interact with a room and stuff

i liked that you had the lighting line things to begin with, but you gotta make sure they make more sense ya know

overall a lot of the contrast looked fairly forced, though some looked pretty good (like in the mossy rock cave area place)

it also just felt too bright in some areas


fourth bit of feedback: some of the armor and health bonuses were in ridiculous patterns and formations

try to make them more natural, have them fit the contours of your map and stuff, dont just put them in tight little squares out in random spots


fifth bit of feedback: you kept giving me ammo i didn't need

like i had like a billion cells but i dont even remember grabbing a plasma rifle


sixth bit of feedback: those tall walls around the outside areas need work

really anything to break them up in any way, be it by making different parts of it different heights (don't forget to include depth), embedding things in the walls like cages, uac logos, computers, etc., or by simply putting things ontop of the wall


seventh bit of feedback: using switches as decorative textures is heckin playin with fire friend



overall i really liked it c:

i'm interested to see you take an additional step forward into using additional editors like SLADE and whatnot for advanced editing


start simple first though, just small things like:

  • custom music (REALLY easy, just put your music [preferably in midi format] anywhere in the wad and rename it to the appropriate code [like D_RUNNIN for map01])
    • if you don't know what the codes are, you can check here...
    • ...OR you can use this .txt file i made as a guide (includes 7 midis to test/get started with!): doom2_midi-list.zip
      • i also have a ~30mb midi collection you can borrow if ya want c:
    • please note that the doom 1 codes are literally just their map, like D_E1M1, as opposed to the complicated doom 2 codes
  • custom textures (after a little while, when you feel ready and able, since i dont wanna push ya)
    • they may seem scary, but they really aren't!! they're actually super quick and easy to import once you know what you're doin, and it's super duper worth it for your maps
  • other things that are too advanced to get started with just yet

but really custom music alone can go a looooong way in your maps, and it's by far the easiest thing to do c:

but if you need help, i will absolutely explain them to you if you need me to best friend ;~;


anyways 6/5 thank you yes

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A relaxing oldschool map, better than expected given the sloppy presentation of the OP. There is one key too many, in my opinion. The end of the map was a circuitous journey from one part of the map to another, after most of the monsters were killed. Progression at times felt stitched together haphazardly, with teleporters sending you around. It was strange that the blue key wasn't attainable directly, either by using the pillar it was on or pressing a switch nearby. SSG/RL/PR being freely available is a plus for my tastes -- 95% of maps with similar monster placement and design stick to SG/CG or place better weapons deep into the map's progression, which is not obligatory and would be worse in this particular map. :)  


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fda noisy_AWALL.zip (prb+ cl2; uv)

playtime: 10 mins (100% kills/secrets)


Okay map.  surprisingly good all things considered.  Pretty minimalist, which is good; maybe a bit lacking in the ceiling/skyline though..


I have few pet peeves in maps and you managed to hit one of them: impassible lines on places that look like they should be traversable.  I would advise mid-tex railings there, or nothing at all.

Also, welcome to the world of picky and arbitrary reviews from random's on the internet.

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thanks again everyone! i downloaded prboom after reading about it somewhere on here so i was able to watch these demos and i think there is a keybind for screenshots as well. 

i agree the progression is kind of poor in this map and its probably a result of me not drawing up plans first and just going with things that came to mind. putting things on top of walls sounds like a good idea. now that im not running my maps in dosbox i dont have to worry about crashes anymore if i use prboom which hopefully means more detailed maps c:

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I think you're doing a great job and showing lots of promise as a newcomer. I enjoyed this map. 


I had just a couple issues. First, as mentioned, there were a number of places that were clearly not more than 24 units high but were impassable. I would also suggest you go with a fence or something ("railing" from Plutonia works great in certain settings). The other issue was ammo. There seemed to be enough in the whole map, but in a map like this you really have to make sure you don't penalize the player for not taking the "intended" route. For example, I got the only (I believe) energy cell pack in the map with only one or two enemies still alive.


Keep up the good work.

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