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ZDaemon Euro/USA Old School Tournaments March 2018 - dmc2 map06 (Duel)

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Competitive play makes a return following the release of ZDaemon 1.10, starting with a simple yet intense SSG fest that gives you the (*)opportunity to assert aiming and reactionary dominance against your mates.

Newbies are more than welcome, though of course we'd recommend you get some fragging practise in on the many available servers and ask around for tips and tricks here or in ZLauncher Chat to get the hang of it. Install ZDaemon and speak to Evolution or others in Chat (useful channels: #euro / #usa)

Sign up to the tourney located closest to you. (You can only compete in one)



DM-20180309-014315.jpgdmc2 map06

aiming for 16 participants per location

old school settings

35 frags: fast paced and less chance of RSIs!

lots of nice brickwork.


Edited by Evolution : typo city

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Map looks lovely. :) Pure SSG action and no need to look for the enemy! Let's fail...

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Installed Zdaemon a couple of days ago and im sitting in #usa as well. probably so bad at DM but it would be fun anyway if i can make it c:

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Nice one! Looking forward to this. For all others on the verge of entering: There's just three slots left in the USA tournament and seven in the European one.

Edited by Evolution : Grammar sucks.

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Sign ups have closed, brackets have been loaded and both tournaments are now live!


Please follow updates via http://forums.zdaemon.org/ and http://tournaments.zdaemon.org/


TabbiKatt/42PercentHealth: Great that you guys are getting involved. Please continue to use ZLauncher Chat #euro/#usa channels and the ZD forums to schedule your games and settle any queries; and get your practise in as much as possible, because there'll be some very tough games in this tournament. Hopefully in the near future we can look into splitting players into two divisions, but I refrained from doing this with the 1st tourneys from not being able to fully gauge number of participants and everybody's skill levels.


Tournament winners will be posted here.

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I dunno @42PercentHealth, you've become scary good in a somewhat small window of time. Between that and my laggyness I wouldn't be surprised if you clean me up! I'll be free this weekend at the usual times, let's get our game in then (if you can of course).

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Yo TabbiKatt: BlueVenom is looking for you to play your tourney game. Hop on ZRC when you can and let's rumble.

[nvm, had to DQ]

Edited by Evolution : [update]

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