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Old but gold WADs?

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I've recently been playin' some Maximum Doom and I stumbled upon Megalab. That is probably one of the most beautiful '94 maps I've ever played, and it was made on April 30th. Guy's ahead of his time by a lot. It's really nicely laid out and it looks beautiful too! Same with Megawatt, that one's older.


Also, the hotel WAD is really stunning as well, and airwalk is a nice deathmatch.


What's some old but gold WAD you've found these days?

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The unholy trinity

starwar1.wad and starwar2.wad

Aliens TC

The Invade Series


EDIT: reading the valkiriforce post it make me think about "Crossing the Acheron" always from Dr Sleep

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If you're playing Maximum Doom, you should check out DANTE2, EARTHSCM, FORTHDETH, INTZONE, SEWV12R2 and SUNGOD, as those are at least some I remember being cool. To this day though I still don't know where to find that particular sewer map outside of Maximum Doom.


For some additional wads, you should check out Paul Schmitz and Jim Flynn's work - I admire The Artifact for being a huge level that otherwise had to be split into three sections, and Flynn's Titan series - The Titan Anomaly, The Mines of Titan, The Farside of Titan, Trouble on Titan and his Oracle wad with Scott Harper.


Bob Evans' Odessa series is also worth a look, but an acquired taste for puzzle-solving. I also think Walkabout is a nice challenging level from one of the authors of Memento Mori (Jens Nielsen).

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