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Patching Programs?

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Can anybody out there point me to a program for making patches?

I don't mean wall graphics, I mean the type of files that are used for upgrading the Doom (and other) games. I already have a DOS program that can look at 2 versions of the same file, analyse the differences and make a little patch program to upgrade from one to the other, but I would like to track down a windows one. I'm not so bothered about the actual patch creation being point and click, but it would be nice if the end product patch program was, as that would be easier for my end users. I've had a search around, but come up with nothing.



Hmmm, this might do the trick...


I'll see how that works out, but feel free to recommend others.

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How about the program called "Patcher"? We use it in TeamTNT.

Cadman - Member TeamTNT

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