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Strange Visplane explorer results and question on segs

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I'm using GZdoombuilder's visplane explorer tool and there's a section of map that is completely ignored, shown as a black square. There doesn't appear to be anything odd about the nodes at this position. I'm using GZDB version (a41058b)


Is there a tool for GZdoombuilder that shows the amount of segs in view? I have some areas that go over the limit in Chocolate Doom's  Render limits variant but aren't visible as HOM in game (making debug a little difficult).

Gsky015e_HOM at 2018.03.12 15-21-33.470 [R2787].jpg


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I remember it was old bug of GZDB which was fixed. But maybe it can be happened now under certain circumstances?

Personally, I searching such tool for vanilla heretic maps.

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The amount of segs and visplanes depend on the nodebuilder. A tool such as the one in GZDB kan only give a rough estimate.

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