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Angry Saint

Underground Temple (beta testing needed)

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Just had a play through, completed in 27 mins / 98% kills.


A very nice and rather epic level, visuals were excellent and the general layout was good as well. Nice use of 3d floors and slopes which also expanded the layout and made for more interesting visuals.


New friends! - Took some getting use to, did struggle at first however did suss them out in the end and getting the R/L made things easier. 


I feel the spiders have too much health and were annoying. Id rather have more coming after me at lower health. The snakes and the hitscan attack was a tad harsh as well.


A really great level all-round, a fresh combat experience with some lovely looking architecture. Good work!   


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Here is a playthrough in GZDoom 3.2.5. I somehow didn't die. 




The combat is really fun and exciting, and I'd also say these monsters are designed well, but there are many kinks that need sorting out. 


- The teleportation mechanism of the "disciples" -- there is a risk of it teleporting right next to where you move to, if you happen to get unlucky.

- The layout. It's a good layout structurally, but there are quite a few times where you deploy monsters into areas accessible only via narrow doors. Sometimes there's so much meat behind these doors that it's impossible to do anything but camp. The map has its fair share of hallway combat too.

- The Doom 2 crossover fight where the last monster is an archvile with no cover. I had enough health to tank the hit but idk, I didn't see it coming since I had my back turned to wherever the cubby opened, so it felt dirty.  

- I didn't like the fight with the monsters that push you around. That fight had me feeling like "random shit is happening and I don't understand it" -- not sure how I didn't die, but I had no idea what was happening.

- Scripted lock-in fights with exits tied to a heterogeneous crew of monsters in an arena all being killed. Pet peeve of mine. Here, it looks really bad when a little spider of all things is the thing that unlocks the arena. Better to tie it to some of the "important" monsters so it feels like a proper mini-boss fight, or better, time-script the fight. Also nothing wrong with the vanilla method of using a switch somewhere either. "Kill all monster" scripts should have specialized purposes. The fight in JOM5's hub where you have to beat 200 imps in a snowball fight (with a counter displayed as such) is a good example. Using them as a default for all arena fights is lazy imo. 

- The heresiarch fight is essentially broken. Just position a pillar between it and yourself and almost all of its attacks can't hurt you. The only attack that can even hit is the blue bouncy ball one, but even that sometimes whiffs entirely when the heresiarch is too close to the pillar. 


Anyway, would definitely play another map with this set of monsters. 




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Thank you for your demo.

I see your points and I agree with most of them. Actually I really like the disciples mechanisms. You never know where they will reappear raising the tension in the player. I feel it changes your movements in an interesting way. Regarding the pushing attack, I may remove it.

The "kill all monster to leave the area" is something I took from the last Doom. In the red key arena it was needed because otherwise the player could run down the corridor and from there kill easily all the enemies. But I agree the spiders are not important for the area lock-in.



Do you mean the weak spiders or the big spiders? there are two types of them.


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