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Working with Hexen UDMF


1.  How do I make it so when a object lands in a liquid flat, it doesn't do the splosh or drip sound?  If the mass is less than 2 it does a drip but that is even more annoying.


2.  I need lots and lots of sprites for landscaping and monsters.  What is the best resource for these?  Recoloring can only go so far.  I might even consider looking to hire...


3.  Hubs:  Most of these maps are set up in massive hubs.  Is there a limit to how many can be linked to another?  Or should I just count on having hard exits at certain points?  A open ended map is probably out of the question since the "habitat" maps I make are already massive.


4.  What is the best way to implement a "Leveling" system?  Right now I am fine with the Metroid/Zelda style of finding Health and damage bonuses.  But some specialization might be fun too.



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1. Make silent sound files with the same name as those in HEXEN.
Then place them into your map so that the original sounds will be overwritten.


2. Search for textures with Google.
Else you may find some help at the ZDoom forum


3. I don't believe anyone would have the stamina creating that many maps
to reach that limit, unless you run out of computer memory.


4. The old fashioned way is to have health/weapons/ammo just lying around
or you could have caches that need to be accessed as in a bonus system.
Your imagination will guide you.

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