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Vertex height problems (Gzdoom)


Hello, I've decided to learn the ropes of gzdoom, and am currently working on a bit of a mapset.  The problem is, one of the maps I've built in two parts, and both of the parts have rocky sections featuring quite a lot of vertex slopes.  When I come to combine the sections, I've foolishly made one of the map sections at 0 height, and the entire section needs to be lowered by approx 1000 map units. 


No worries, I thought, I'll just highlight the entire section and do the old --1000 in the floor and ceiling heights to bring the section down; this works for all the regular sectors, including the 3d sections, but any of the sloped vertices selected remain at their current height, meaning some crazily exaggerated slopes, and the only way to drop them down is to select them one by one and drag them.  There's hundreds, and this will take some proper time.  Is there an easier way? Thanks all!

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So I'm answering my own question here, all I had to do was select all the vertices and change the absolute floor and ceiling height in the same way as I did with the sectors, all good!

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