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Halo 6 revealed.

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While the video quality was somewhat acceptable, the sound quality sucked. I stopped watching after a short while, as the sound was jarring.

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First: Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST are my favorite per gameplay, level design and overall fun while Halo CE has a special place in my heart.


Second: After playing Halo 4 and seeing what they are doing with the series I have lost total interest in it as a continuation.


Third a colorful Mega Bloks version of Halo hell yes. This looks way better than any Lego game released by Travellers Tails by far. I love it, too bad that the actual Mega Bloks in comparison to Lego are not as good of quality.


Fourth: For those of you who enjoy playing the Halo games have you ever heard of Halo Zero? It was a really cool indie game that had a nice additional level editor and produced a few user created stand alone level sets for it.



Finally: I would really like to play a mod for Halo CE called Halo SPV3 someday. I don’t know if it is finished yet but it does look very good. I am grateful that someone is making content for Halo CE these days and I think that it looks amazing.



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5 hours ago, Avoozl said:

I am still waiting for Halo 3 on PC which will be never.

the mcc is aparently getting a pc release so, it may be sooner than never dude.

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