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MAYhem2016 Map 20 "The Performance"

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Here's a 1st success. Eats lots of imp fireballs. Whatever. 


The map is pretty easy after that point, especially if you don't want a max. 


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Why not. 2nd part is harder to max than expected since two cybros like to roleplay as doors. 



I guess some pointers for the 1st part:


Save barrels for when there are more imps, so the 1st part involves no cyber usage.

Make smallish circular movements to backdodge at least some of the imp fireballs.

Play with a timer so that you know when the floor is lowering (iirc ~1:04 when you just rush for the 1st shoot switch upon map load is when the gray floor lowers, which is the most dangerous one, and you are down to the central ring about 25 seconds after that).

Cyb use should alternate mostly -- one or two volleys kills a bunch of the active imps on a given side, and weaponizing one cyb repeatedly has progressively diminishing returns. 

Last part involves no cyb use too, you can just stand still and then micrododge imp fireballs as they come to you. Lots of imps need to be dead though, if you didn't clear enough out there'll be a big wall of fireballs. 



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3 hours ago, DyingCamel said:

I tried for about 2 hours I think to beat the first room of map 20 in MAYhem 2016 (UV/Pistol Starts). I just can't do it.




2 hours ago, rdwpa said:

Here's a 1st success. Eats lots of imp fireballs.



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