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Among Dreams - cl9 boom EP - Released!

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made a boom map based on a dream my friend had and paired it with a speedmap i made for his birthday 
a month earlier.

its 2 maps with one epilogue map.

for doom 2
tested on prboom compatibility level 9 but contains intermission text for mapinfo ports.
map02 was submitted to the vinesauce contest but that version was gimped so it would be easier. 
this is the original. 
difficulty settings & coop fully implemented.


thanks to mechadon for the skies and stewboy for the midis!






4/6/19 - Final Release

-utilized transfer ceiling lighting for several areas

-lighting polish overall

-minor detail changes

-fixed lighting on walls in map03


Old Versions:












Edited by Ponqo : final release

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I recorded a demo for both maps, if you wanna see me play em:


prboom+ complvl 9:



I got slightly hung-up at one point in the first map, looks like maybe I was supposed to pass over a linedef but instead I turned around and avoided it, coming back a minute or two later. Also, I died about 4-5 minutes into the 2nd map and had to restart, hope that's ok. 


I liked the maps. They're a couple of short, fun maps, pretty good layout and traps throughout. Map02 had some neat parts that I thought were really cool, especially the beginning and end of map02 were cool, they definitely had a "dreamlike" feel. I played on HMP, and on that difficulty I would say it's pretty casual, not too hard at all, not sure about UV though. I would say my favorite part from map01 is definitely the "chaingunner trap" right after you press the switch, I definitely was not expecting that haha. 


I don't really have much in the way of constructive criticism. The only thing is there were some slime trails that I saw in map02, IDK what causes that, maybe a nodebuilding error? I'm not really familiar with that kind of error or whatever causes it. That's pretty much the only bug I encountered, other than that, I thought the maps were pretty good, If you ever release more maps, I would definitely play them, I liked these. 

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A couple of FDAs.




Soothing, enjoyable maps with some traps. In 02, I was half-expecting more cybs to appear in the final arena (I thought I heard a lot more than three stomping around when they were audible in their closets), so I was pretty hesitant throughout that fight. Not a fan of the really loud death exit in 01. The vile warping away was a bit confusing too. I really like the non-linear design of 02, and the unconventional texturing of the final area. I'd suggest placing a freely available backpack early in 02 to cut down on backtracking, because a few areas have lots of cells that are likely to be left behind temporarily. 

Edited by rdwpa

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4 hours ago, rdwpa said:


20 hours ago, Jthom said:



thank you very much for playing and recording fdas!

i dont know how to make death exits which is why its so obnoxious and loud, but i think ill try improving it by making the dummy die in a different sector, but then there's still romero's screams to worry about...


i wouldn't mind putting a backpack early for map02 but i'm not sure what i could fill the pain elemental secret with that will make it feel satisfying.

the vile warping away was initially unintentional but since it was my friends birthday, i thought it would be a funny reward to have it unexpectedly leave and leave itself vulnerable to a telefrag as a sort of 'birthday surprise', but if it sounds too jarring i might get rid of it. 


i will make a second version addressing these issues before i consider uploading to idgames. 

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final version released. fixed some minor things, added some subtle lighting changes.

was considering uploading to idgames, but the rules would not permit my intended version of map03, but that is understandable. i will probably add more mirrors so this doesn't get lost to time. 

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