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Could please someone create for me a SFM video abour 4 seconds?

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Hi all.


That's strange question of mine, but I need "help". I want to create a video related to the vanilla Doom, but I also need a SFM movie clip about 4-6 seconds related to this "big" video.


I suck at SFM and I have asked my friend to help me. He just don't have the free time to do this, so I have decided to ask some help here.


I can't say in this thread what exactly this short SFM clip must "contain" due to "spoilers" to the whole Doom forum, so, If you would like to help me - PM me please.


I know, that's strange asking for such help in such manner, but I have no more choices. Thank you in advance!

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You might have more help asking in an actual SFM forum and possibly a place like Facepunch; while this community is about Doom, it doesn't necessarily mean anyone here could help with something like this. Not impossible, just less likely than the other places.


If it involves Doom I'm sure lots here would be happy to see the final video

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