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Corrupted By Chaos - Object T11

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A 70-minutes-long-FDA for this level. Recorded with complevel 9 on UV. Here are some suggestions for this level:


- Architectural details, including texture usage, were designed really good to show the environment of giant, metallic warehouse. We have outside storage area, large underground container depot, and hazardous sewage canals. And every area is decorated with proper textures and lighting effects. But, speaking of which, several areas are too dark to navigate around or find items on the floor. Even if I increased gamma correction during the demo recording, it was hard to figure out what's on the floor in the dark area.


- Combat is good enough to enjoy the level for an hour; I enjoyed the overall gameplay on ultra-violence. Some people may find that lack of giant setpiece with lots of monsters, especially for a level with this size, is kinda boring. But it's a good sign for players who don't like slaughtermaps. Don't get me wrong, it has some moments to make the player nervous for good.


- Despite the fact that this level has outstanding architectural details, lack of custom skybox is kinda disappointing. But it's just my personal opinion; I always think that levels with lots of custom textures, like this one, should include a new skybox to make the environment even better.


- Secret areas don't have significant visual hints around; I only relied on the automap to find secret areas. It would be better if there's a small hint for each secret place.


- Thing 1302 and 1304 become unobtainable, once the floor is raised. Check the demofile for more information (around 56 minutes).


- Demo is ended with a critical flaw; a player can be stuck behind the lift, sector 417. I check the level on DB2, and they're tagged as walk-repeatalbe actions, instead of switch-repeatable. I suggest you to either change the line-action, or fill the gap between the lift and floor.


Anyway, thank you for making this level. I hope to see the updated version in the future.


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Thanks for the demo! I never record long maps in Boom, due to the fact that I die too often. You have a really good skill. I'm glad to know that you like my architecture. I must admit that the lighting here has failed, and everything is ruining in a software mode.


This map was remembered to me simply by the huge number of places where the player could get stuck. I was completely sure that they were no more ... and now this. You were almost at the very end. Now have been corrected "flying" health bonuses, few wrong textures, and elevator, near which you are stuck. Link is updated.


Try running the map in OpenGL. During its development, I always played under the GL and did not suspect that the lighting in the software is darker. And yes, it is right to raise the gamma. The fact is that the standard gamma for me is too uncomfortable. I always increase the it by 25-30%, so that my eyes do not bleed. ;] I suspect, that's why many people think my maps are too dark...



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looong fda in prb+: bob_corrupt.zip


Very enjoyable, the sense of place here is incredible and the combat is solid. Sorta following Antares' comments, I can appreciate the decision to not have much in the way of big set-piece encounters, though I was missing them a bit more. Over an hour is a pretty long time given that the intensity of the combat stays in a fairly modest range. The nukage fight was a major highlight, and the dark crusher section at the end was memorable as well (if a little annoying, since I kept getting crushed!). I definitely wouldn't have minded a few more moments like that. Especially early on, I also felt like I was spending a bit too much time doing "cleanup," plinking away at turret enemies (usually imps iirc) after they'd ceased to be any real threat.  


That said, the architecture and overall atmosphere kept me engaged the whole time. I love how there's such a variety of ways that the player moves from one area to another, not to mention all the clever bits of interconnection. It's just fun when you figure out "ah, so now I'm actually on one of the ledges looking down on that area I saw a half hour ago."  

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Demo (with saves, 1 death) recorded over 2 separate sessions.


Some impressions...

  • The layout and architecture is hugely impressive, great job on that. It was fun to explore. At one point i had only 1% health, but then i found the megasphere secret, that was a great relief :D :D
  • Health, and especially ammo was generally really nicely distributed, as were weapons. Pretty much on the moment i felt like it was time the SSG was necessary, i found it immediately.
  • Some really awesome progression through areas, the standout for me being the room where you raise the crates up and then use them to platform across to the other walkways.
  • Sometimes i felt your positioning of enemies drew attention to the infinite height limitation in a slightly clumsy way... it is important to factor infinite height into mapping when making boom/vanilla stuff.
  • Combat was fairly calm but engaging enough to keep me interested in carrying on for the whole 55 minutes. My favourite fight was the Cyberdemon in the somewhat claustrophobic crate area, i felt like i had to be really careful not to get bad splash damage from his rockets.
  • Too many cannon fodder Pinkies for my liking, on their own they don't really pose any threat. The worst case was in the crusher area... that was probably the only area i didn't enjoy particularly.
  • Sometimes i felt like i had no idea where i was supposed to go next. After i killed the Mastermind late into the map, i had no idea i was supposed to go back to the crusher area - at that point i just looked at the map in the editor to see where i was supposed to go cause i didn't want to spend 30 minutes wandering around checking everywhere.
  • Reckoning Day is one of my favourite Megadeth songs so i didn't mind the midi, but for such massive maps something quite ambient sounding isn't a bad idea, in case people find the midi gets annoying and repetitive.

Great job overall though!

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