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Los Manos Over Power Show (WIP Mod)

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This is LMOP's Show a mod i'm developing for Doom II Using GZDoom as my main source port.

Now to clarify the first image, you may be thinking this is a Terry wad of some sort, but i assure you, it's not, i use Images as Bosses but they don't play unfairly nor they have a shit ton of HP, etc, they are images because it's the most easy way to make a new enemy, and also it's intentional since the mod it's based on a joke channel, get it? Joke Channel, Joke Mod?

Level wise, you'll be exploring different areas like for example, you get to explore, The City, Hell, Mars, etc.

Anyway the mod will bring new weapons, new textures from different games like Duke3D, new sprites, etc, and among other things.

Credits (until now):

Maisth (Aiden) Level Designer, Programmer, Spriter. (Creator)

Los Manos Over Power (LMOP) (Inspiration and Texture)

Duke Nukem 3D (Textures, sprites, etc...)

Eradrop (Skybox Textures)(Doomworld)

LMOP Show.jpg




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