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Doom II NM-Speed in 21:14 - 30nm2114

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On 15/03/2018 at 11:18 AM, ZeroMaster010 said:

There are several others I would like to have done, Plutonia/TNT NM100S are both possible in my opinion, but it could take an eternity to do something as ridiculous as that.


Says the person who, at one point, said:


On 25/02/2015 at 2:53 PM, ZeroMaster010 said:

Regarding episode 2 and 3, or a full movie, that will never happen.


So you'll forgive me if I don't quite believe you. ;)


Breaks can be essential to avoid burning out, although I do hope you attempt more in the future. You've provided me (and many others I'm sure) with hours and hours of enjoyable Doom speedrun viewing - in particular for me, your Nightmare runs have been outstanding.

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It's not too much burning out, I've always enjoyed working on different routes and practicing and I'd still enjoy doing that (for something that isn't doom 2). Even doing nightmare attempts recently were still fun (30pl and 30uv were mostly misreable though), so I probably wouldn't mind doing either plutonia or TNT nightmare again. It's mostly because it takes so much time, and I'd rather do more constructive things these days :) Of course I could just spend less time on it, but the hours go by so quickly that it's just best to give it up completely.


As for my frequent "this will never happen" comments, anything is possible and I don't think a single one of my demos are incredibly difficult too improve, heh. Hopefully I can enjoy watching someone else do nightmare runs (especially final doom) in the future. eLim will probably beat my 30nm time at some point, and maybe I'll consider a comeback 5 years later kind of like henning did with 30nm2939 :)

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18 hours ago, Vorpal said:

The fail compilation is almost more interesting than the WR run haha. Hats off

You see their patience ;)

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I watched the main run on my lunch break today - What an insane demonstration of skill! Well done Zero! I'll be checking out the fails compilation soon.

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Congratulations to the run! I also like your failed attempts videos. In this video you had a failed run due to an arch-vile in map30. next time an AV spawns you could try to make a arch-vile jump to the hole and shoot 1 time BFG to finish the map.

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