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Real Return To Castle Wolfenstein

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Hello, I just saw this video and thought I'd spread the news about this mod (which I am downloading as soon as I have a bit of time)

It's a mod for RtCW that balances the difficulty, adds some weapons, 3D models etc. Been a while till I've played RtCW, it has a great story and smooth gameplay (what you can expect from the Quake 3 engine)


Features list:

  • Based on ioRTCW engine, which provides widescreen support, better sounds and x64 support
  • New weapons: TT33, MP34, PPSH, Mosin Nagant, M1 Garand, BAR, MP44, MG42, G43, M97, Revolver
  • New models for the vanilla weapons, including world models
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • New difficulty system
  • And more!



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Looks interesting. Might as well post the link here.


Haven't tried it yet, but I see no reason why I shouldn't revisit Castle Wolfenstein. Absolutely fantastic game when it came out. The textures were so life-like. They even had a texture for the tread on the Nazi's boots! (Says 16 year old me). I tried playing it again a year or two ago, and it has aged. But I wouldn't mind playing it again. I still think it had the best looking flamethrower effect I've seen in a game. 

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I love the original Wolfenstein game and especially RTCW. I could never get into the recent games though.

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Honestly I usually prefer vanilla RTCW with only hd weapon skins and some changed firing sounds but a new mod is nice to try, however this mod shouldn't take away the venom chaingun and tesla cannon since they are signature experimental weapons.

Edited by Avoozl

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein is how you do a proper remake and modernize a franchise without absolutely killing the spirit of the original. It is a dictionary definition of a "perfect remake". The new Wolfensteins are garbage compared to this.


The only flaw with it is that it is extremely easy no matter what you do and the scoped rifle does crazy damage for some reason. It should do the same as the unscoped version.


This mod changes a little too much to my liking, but I would be all for the improved AI/increased difficulty portion of it. If only it were separate....

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