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Pure Hellspawn

Getting my DOOM 2 Sky back


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I don't know the specifics of your texture pack.


Anyways, there are various ways in which skies can be replaced. First thing first: skies are textures. That means that they are made out of patches that are composited into a texture in a texture definition. Their association between sky texture name and level slot is hardcoded, but can be overridden in some ports through MAPINFO.


So this already gives you three different ways in which textures can be replaced:

  1. Replace the texture patches
  2. Modify the texture definition
  3. Change the map slot-sky texture association with MAPINFO (requires advanced port)

Your texture pack likely does #1, #2, or both #1 and #2. The default Doom II sky texture definitions are rather simple: SKY1 is made out of patch RSKY1; SKY2 is made out of patch RSKY2, and SKY3 is made out of patch RSKY3. So open the texture pack in SLADE and check if it contains graphics with these names. If it does, delete or rename them, then save and your sky texture should be back to Doom II default.

If it's not enough, open the texture editor and look at how SKY1, SKY2, and SKY3 are defined. They should all be 256x128 textures made out of a single patch (resp. RSKY1, RSKY2, and RSKY3) positioned at 0, 0. If they're defined differently, change that. Save again.


If at this point your sky textures are still not what you want them to be, you can look further into it, see if there aren't any MAPINFO lump that might change the maps for some weird reason, but it's unlikely for a texture pack.


Oh, and you'll definitely need SLADE 3 for that; GZDB isn't a wad manager.

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You delete the replacement skies from the texture pack?

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Just now, Pure Hellspawn said:


gzdoom builder

well i suggest you delete the sky in the texture pack that has the same file name as your sky.

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