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one doom fan


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Sky texture doesn't work that way. You're supposed to lower sky ceiling or give action 9, which is sky horizon. You can also try transfer desired sky texture(seems like you wanted to change it) with mapinfo or just get desired sky texture rename rsky1 or transfer with transfers, but I don't which action does that in udmf. 

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Here's a video of my first demo attempt.


At one point I check to see whether I even have jump bound/what it is. In retrospect I didn't look very hard for a switch, so I played it again after this video and could not find a way to get the blue key without jumping (or arch-vile jumping). So I would recommend you not require arch-vile jumping. And I would highly recommend  you (read: you absolutely need to) mention that your map requires jumping.


Detailing/design is not great. That's obvious, but that will come with time and experience. Ammo is an even bigger problem. You want me to kill a dozen hell knights, an arch-vile, a handful of demons, and a couple revenants with 30 shells and 50 bullets? Not happening. Upon my second playthrough with cheats, I noticed a couple secrets with more ammo. But a map should not have enough ammo only if you find all the secrets. Even if I just pick up the plasma gun at the beginning, I can maybe get through the initial hell knights, but I'm still gonna be punching the rest of the map unless I find the other secret.


Happy mapmaking to you.

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damn your true.i forgot about ammo;-;



im am currntly working on the others

but i have hell/school so might be slow 

also some changes to first map





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I can't deny the fact that you are at least trying. Continue your training, try new stuff, and maybe, one day you'll be as fabulous as I am some of the better mappers are. 

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3 hours ago, one doom fan said:

don't worry there are pillars

Phew, I was worried there for a second.

Looking forward to MAP03 :)

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well um BASE OF THE UAC is cancelled.i just did not like the map and more reasons but i will not bore you  .BUT i will start a new map soon.


here it is




skip map03

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