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Giving away a Hellbound beta key

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I had to email the Hellbound dev team to get my key after having needed to wait over a week after I signed up for it. In the end, they sent me a key, but I also just recently received another key through the official Hellbound newsletter.


So, uh... does anyone want it?


EDIT: Gave the code to dmg_64, hope he enjoys the game.

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1 minute ago, dmg_64 said:

Sounds like a fun game, would love to try that beta, send it if you don't mind pls lol.

Sent, enjoy :)

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28 minutes ago, Apaul27 said:

I want to play it right now, and also can i try the beta of your mod?

I already gave the Hellbound key to dmg_64, sorry.


As for Total Doom's beta, it's not even close to ready. My access to computers is rather limited for the time being, so I'm doing my best to get a beta ready.

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So is the trailer a parody of Bombsell or is it just a FPS that brags about being a FPS then offers no actual FPS in its trailer or screenshots? I thought that was something Steam frowned upon.

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