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Hey! Its been a while since I uploaded something.. but here I am! I Have been working on couple  wads In the past few days. Sorry, no screenshots because I am kinda busy

at the moment. (getting new PC and buying more stuff.) Tested with 3 ports. (Skulltag, GZDoom and Zandronum.) I Made only map01 and map02. NOTE, MAP02 IS UNFINISHED. Just play it right away! LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y7vo2fxv30ob24b/sad.wad

Here is a unfinished megawad I worked on for few weeks. Most of the levels are bad. I Wanted it to be old-school much as possible! You must play it tnt.wad and It should work on all ports! Map 20 is unfinished at super short. LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/n3cfjsmdg139x9d/MEGAWAD1.wad 


See you guys in few hours <3 Sorry If I missed anything important! Ill try to update the post later!!!

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3 hours ago, Astro said:

Here is a unfinished megawad I worked on for few weeks. Most of the levels are bad.

Perhaps you're shooting for being endearing through self-deprecation. And maybe this is meant to just be an alpha release because you've only been working on it for a short time and you want some feedback before you continue on. But come on, don't just tell everyone, "Hey, play this thing, even though most of it's not good" and expect to get a big response.


Maybe I'm being too harsh.


On the positive side, you did say which iwad you need and which levels are new and what ports you used to test the wads, so you've got a leg up on some other people that post wads here. Hopefully, you can upload screenshots soon.

Edited by Pegleg : Corrected typo.

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In "Sad," Map 02 "has no vertices." Map 01 is not so bad though. It needs more health and probably more ammo. Also, there is a blue waterfall texture in (at least) one of the iwads. No, it's not Doom 2, but I suggest you add it to your wad and use it. Ask in the editing section if you don't know how to do that. The map is rather linear but it looks decent and has some decent combat.


The megawad is surprisingly good so far. I played through 2.5 maps and admittedly thought it would be much worse. The maps are not without faults, but they look pretty good, there are some good progression elements, and the combat is interesting in some places.


I would encourage anyone reading this that the unpolished original post is really not a reflection of the maps you will find.

Here's an SDA of Megawad Map 01 and Map 02 up to the point I die due to a roosterblocking baron of hell:


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