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Anyone still using gameception?

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I was kinda bummed when I realized you couldn’t file share on any device that could run doom ports. Anyone got any wads leftover that you still play?

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I often use it. This said, could you rephrase your question in a more intelligible manner? Are you asking how to add PWADs without relying on iTunes and its file share feature?

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Posted (edited)

No longer, because the recent iOS updates disabled support for 32-bit apps. A huge lot of apps, especially games, were made by lazy developers who didn't care to spend a little time to update the app for 64 bits, and Gameception died with them. Seriously, get on with the times.


Gameception could very well let you download wads from the Internet (e.g. from /idgames) and play them. They had to be PrBoom+ compatible.

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I would use it more if it had controller support. Without it, it's kinda worthless.

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