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journey: level 1 of 10 (+), boom compat

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a doom 2 map for prboomplus. tested with zdoom and prboomplus only. i had a lot of fun making this level and took a long time making it. i have 10 levels planned if you guys and gals like this one and i might even make 12 more after that c: special thanks to bonnie for getting me interested in boom this level would be really different without it. 



Screenshot (166).png

Screenshot (167).png

Screenshot (168).png




Edited by TabbiKatt : updated the church

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ANIMDEFS error ...


The syntax for your ANIMDEFS lump is wrong.


You have this for example ...


flat AHEART01
    pic AHEART01 tics 5
    pic AHEART02 tics 5
    pic AHEART03 tics 5
    pic AHEART04 tics 5


it should be ...


pic 1 tics 5
pic 2 tics 5
pic 3 tics 5
pic 4 tics 5


Risen3D picked up on this.


I do realise there are no new animated flats yet.


See here ...




I also noticed a mixture of torches and floorlamps. This looked a little out of place for me. Just torches would look better imo


A promising level.



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@hawkwind TabbiKatt didn't make it, the ANIMDEFS lump came with the texture pack. Speaking of ANIMDEFS, boom doesn't use that. To implement custom animated textures/flats in boom (not for vanilla), do "Archive -> New -> New ANIMATED" in SLADE ("new switches" for switches and again, not in vanilla). It should be somewhat self-explanatory, except for the fact that it takes animations backwards, so when it asks for the first frame in an animation, put the last one, and vice versa (same goes for switches).


Anyways, for the level itself, I honestly have no words. I'd like to know how long you've been working on this level, if the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps that came with the blood texture pack worked on their own (which I'm assuming they did, since otherwise I would start becoming skeptical), and where you found those midis. You improved quite an extreme amount rather fast. Like much faster than I truly want to believe right now.


Here's an FDA. My only nitpicks this time are:

  • you shouldn't leave stair textures with the same offsets, since they'll look weird with patterns and such. just shake up the offsets a little for each step.
  • unmarked exit, i wasn't expecting it to end when i walked towards the door
  • very lackluster ending, try (temporarily) locking the player in and beefing up the enemies a little
  • cut back on the ammo
  • the lighting didn't particularly improve this time, but your textures matched the lighting so you still got away with it
  • r i c h    t e x t   d o c u m e n t
  • I guess you could work on the silent-teleporter trick a little better (very advanced technique). I missed it the first time through but it could definitely still be improved. try using the exact same offsets and pegging for each wall of the stairs or something

it's good. bon-proud-fda.zip

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thanks again bonnie! what are texture1 and pnamelumps? i couldn't figure how to put the textures into the original wad so i just saved my map into the wad with the textures in it c:


most of the ideas for this level came from drawings for one of my old quake maps that i made some years ago but i think i spent since sunday actually making this in doom builder 2. i dont remember how long it took me to plan it because it was years ago. i do remember some of the level layout being different in places because with quake you map in a 3D window.


im very interested in making silent teleporters look better but how to you adjust floor texture alignment? i figured out how to adjust walls but not floors.

for the stair textures sorry to be so daft but can you explain that?


edit i have had the midis on my comp for a long long time. it is all from the castlevania games and i probably found them on a castlevania related website someplace c:

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thanks for the map.  looked good to me except in the room before exit with the the rocket launcher i got trapped inside one of the boxes the imps come out of had to use noclip.

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@TabbiKatt It sounds like you just got really lucky with your texture pack working right away, as usually they aren't set up to be immediately usable, so hooray.


Unfortunately, in most formats outside of zdoom, floor textures (flats) cannot have their alignment adjusted. You literally have to design your maps around this. Alternatively, you could create some custom flats with already changed offsets and import them (for example, imagine a teleporter flat with the left half on the right side and the right half on the left side. It still tiles correctly, but it'll be 32 units off of the normal teleporter flats). For harder flats to align correctly (like your stairs), try changing your grid size to 64. Each square you see is exactly where a flat would line up, so try to use it as a reference point if needed.


As for the stairs, I'm talking about this: https://i.imgur.com/X7D7oVM.png

Just a little thing, but it looks kinda weird.


if you need help furthering your doom mapping education, i'm here 4 u


P.S. how did you do the .bex

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ew. that does look weird. i didnt even notice that :c


https://www.doomworld.com/afterglow/textures/ where i got my textures. i googled gothic doom 2 textures becuase i wanted to make a medieval church 


for the bex i downloaded a really easy program called whacked4. i was reading up on editing stuff in doom and it sound complicated but it was pretty easy with this program.  but then all i have really done is edit what the name of the level is on the automap screen. 

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FFIX, huh? FF used to own my life, particularly IV, VII, Tactics, VI, and X in that order. Alas, the good old days are behind me...


Anyway, I enjoyed the map. Pretty much short and sweet. A few issues to work out, but I look forward to more of these.

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i really need to play X again c: and tactics is amaaaazing. plus little characters walking in place are adorable :3


yes i made notes of the issues listed in the thread and i should fix them right away but tbh im tired of looking at the map today haha

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9 hours ago, TabbiKatt said:

i googled gothic doom 2 textures becuase i wanted to make a medieval church

heck, i was hoping you purposely looked for blood textures ;~;

and i heckin know what whacked is!! i wanted to know what led you to find and use it, since i wouldn't expect new mappers to be concerned with something like that so early on

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oh! sorry i should have explain c: 

when you make a level for quake you create a brush and change it to a thing called world spawn where all the info for the level goes. the name of the map and the setting so the game knows what keys to give you. if you use base the keys are silver and gold keycards and if you use medieval they become gold and silver skeleton keys. it also changes how doors sound and other things c: 

i think i looked up something like world spawn for doom and read about mapinfo first and that brought me to bex. figured since i was using modded textures i might as well change the names of the levels. bit bummed it only changes the name of the level on the map screen though :c 

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22 hours ago, TabbiKatt said:

bit bummed it only changes the name of the level on the map screen though :c 

yea, the level names use custom graphics, so you have to make them yourself and import them into SLADE...

which is quite easy! tada: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mcrojdbb3za2bk3/Bitmap Font Writer.zip?dl=1


that's bitmap font writer. it'll make graphics for you that you can copy/export out and import into SLADE. i included a variety of doom fonts in there too c:

it's pretty simple, just fiddle with the different buttons until you get something you like


once you're ready to export to SLADE, copy your little baby into an editing program like paint.net, use the magic wand or something to get rid of all the color, save it as a .png, then drag that .png into your opened wad in SLADE, preferably separate from the rest of the lumps (the individual files in a wad), like at the top or bottom. If necessary, crop any extra transparent pixels at the top, bottom, or sides, as sometimes it may cause your graphics to display incorrectly, like in the middle of the screen. You can crop in SLADE by clicking the little dotted square above the preview when you select your image, or by right clicking and doing "Graphic -> Crop".


Once that's done, right click again and do "Graphic -> Convert to..." and make sure it says "Doom Gfx (Paletted)" and hit convert. Now rename your lump to "CWILV##", where ## is the number or your map, minus one. That means map01 should be CWILV00, map02 CWIL01, all the way up to map32 CWILV31.


I know you don't care yet, but I wanted to leave that there for you in case you care in the future. I'm also willing to make a nice little custom texture/flat tutorial for you in the future. I also have a dehacked tutorial on hand, in case you're interested in really advanced whacked stuff, like making your own weapons and enemies and thingies, or simply editing stats of existing stuff (which you honestly might figure out on your own, since i'm actually self-taught in it).

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update to map01. i decided how level 1 ended previously didnt work for where i wanted doomguy to go next so here is a list of changes.


1. updated and fixed lighting. probably not perfect but should be less bland now

2. changed where doomguy exits the map

3. added modifications for DM

4. made 3 of the 4 silent teleporter transitions much smoother. 

5. .bex level names have changed as a result of where i want the next level to take place.

6. changed readme to plain text

7. changed first level set from 10 levels to 12. .bex reflects this c:

8. made my own end level title for the church (thx bonnie <3)



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