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Spooky's House of Jump Scares TC DEMO 2 UP(10-10-2018)

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Original game trailer

Can you survive 1000 rooms of cute terror? Or will you break once the cuteness starts to fade off and your running for your life from the unspeakable hideous beings that shake and writhe in bowels of this house? They wait for you, they wait and hunger for meeting you. They long to finally meet you and show you how flexible your skin can be after it has soaked in blood. Will you brave this journey, will you set to beat the impossible, the insane, and the incorporeal?


About the Game:
 Spooky's House of Jump Scares TC is a Total Conversion from "Spooky's House of Jump Scares" Game for Doom engine, yep, for Doom engine, and it's also one of the rarest (if not the first) mod to use the idea of a gameplay that alwas change, having an infinite number of sectors connected, and for each restart you make, the rooms will be into different locations.
 The Idea is to have some fixed sectors with fixed textures and bright level, and also some random generated sectors while you play the game, these sectors can have any kind of textures/bright level combination.
 There're alot of things to be done yet, but, for the version v0011, the map has 730 playable rooms.

Gameplay Video
Old gameplay vídeo

Even more old Gameplay videos




Before you download it pleased read this notes:
-The mod is only compatible with 4:3 aspect ratio
-It has a custom engine that's a fork of Gzdoom (Works with Q/gzdoom but some features will be missing)

Ok, now, <Click here to download the TC> - V0011 - Demo 2




-Jump command disabled for the player
-Fixed paralelism problem with the torch code where sometimes the torch would get the coord from the player when he was in the previous room
-Fixed room 557 teleport was getting deleted by the game logic.
-Fixed papers from specimen rooms were spawing during the chase and not only inside the specimen special rooms
-Fixed FlashLight code so now we can use the flash light with the Axe
-Fixed wrong front texture at room 49
-Fixed room 57 had a missing block player line
-Fixed wrong script call at room -2
-Fixed Teleport in room -47
-Fixed room 62 textures
-Fixed Axe Decorate
-Fixed the message position "cannot open this door yet"
-Fixed texture in room 54
-Fixed Elevator script being numbers and not strings
-Fixed missing maze script teleport line
-Fixed the bug where only the head from the spider were deleted but not the rest of his body
-Fixed sector 72 had an object outside the map
-Fixed Sector 54 missing texture id.
-Fixed Sector 50 missing texture id.
-Fixed specimen 6 room music
-Fixed Missing door on sector 38
-Fixed titlemap was using unscaled textures
-Added custom intro
-Added Texture code for Stairs
-Added Specimen 11
-Added Specimen 10
-Added Locked doors on the forest
-Added Axe
-Added Specimen 11 Rooms (9 rooms)
-Added Specimen 10 Rooms (10 rooms)
-Added Specimen 8 Rooms (11 rooms)
-Added Deer
-Added original skybox
-Added Slime (room 410)
-Added Mad Eye (room 410)
-Added Specimen 7 and his rooms
-Added 17 new rooms
-Added 3 3D models for bars
-Added load images (plus created a tool for making those)
-Added door textures in elevator room
-Added special textures for rooms 150 - 550
-Added randomizer function for objects
-Added new fonts
-Added a new shader for lights (this way is now very similar to the spooky house game)
-Added Room 410 (500 playable rooms now :D)
-Struct for setting the texture style was reworked to avoid the acs global vars limit. (YUCK 127 vars limit)
-Sectors with nuke can now have the floor/ceil/wall texture changed, maintaining a green look and not affecting objects.
-Increased the performance by limiting the number of torches to work by the distance from the player
-Removed nuke from room 46
-Removed specimens spawn in rooms where the player could easily die
-Removed the doom guy sound that he makes when he tries to open a wall
-Removed options menu that were only used for other iwads compatibility or older ports compatibility.
-Bob removed by decorate and not anymore by the custom exe build
-All numbered scripts are now named
-New shader introduced inside the main pk3 file (so the new shader system will also work with gzdoom)
-Fog effect aligned under room 410
-Options Menu cleaned and resized.
-all sounds converted to ogg (or using the original format that was mp3)
-19 new sound effects ( but I think its 30 new sound effects right now)
-Code Clean up (no more error messages on start)
-Custom Port created for spooky house (the mod still works fine with gzdoom)
-prank.wad is now called specimen1.wad

-Fixed Specimen 5 change texture on sectors with light
-Add many footsteps sounds that vary acording to the stamina
-Fixed some textures on room 56 were not being changed
-Add Brain room
-Fixed Rooms 47/48 textures align
-Add 14  new rooms
-Add 2  new textures combination
-Fixed sector 29-30 door textures wall were not changed
-Fixed Room 45 Spawn point
-Fixed all theGlitches caused by the map size limit
-Map is now more compact looking,  it has a bad looking, but it fits the zdoom engine limitations
-Room 120 textures aligned after map resize.
-Add 3D model from save game object
-Fixed Room 29 Spawn point
-Fixed FNAF room teleport

-Removed green nuke texture
-Room 210 feetus is now moving
-Room 120 now spawn specimen 3 instead of specimen 8
-Add Table3 3D model
-Add Pixel Fog at room 210
-Add New mouse cursor
-Add Bedroom for room 210
-Add 3 new sprites (Ben puppets)
-Add some new ben textures
-Add 6 New 3D models
-Add specimen 2 spawn sound
-Add specimen 3
-Add room 210 (80%)
-Add room 310 (100%)

-Fixed the Door that required a Red Key card to open
-Room 165
-Elevator Metal Bar size fixed
-Elevator Sound is now fixed
-9 New 3D Models
-Torch Partially fixed
-All Specimen 1 are now 3D Models
-Specimen 1 spawn code reworked

-Add Specimen 6 Full Death Animation
-Add the Generic Death Animation
-Add Specimen 2 Spawn room.
-Add Some Extra Rooms.
-Fixed many invisible doors.
-7 3D models add
-1 extra room ambiente sound added
-Specimen6 added and fully working
-Specimen6 doesn't instakill you but he can easily kill you if you don't take care
-Recorded 6 different room ambiente sounds
-Recorded the opening door sound and also the locked door sound (they're not in perfect wave state since I couldn't disable the music for recording it) (but, I think I actually did a great job on this ones)
-Titlemap is now more fluid
-Fixed specimen2 teleport
-Now you get hp by the rooms like the original game
-Add Elevator (almost fully working)
-Ripped some textures with the power of screenshot
-Ripped some random noises from the game (also I discovered they way they Works)
-Add hmm, 5 new sectors
-Elevators are fully working (but still without saving and some extra objects inside), but they're already  in their fixed sectors and they do what they do xD
-Room 250 on the work
-fixed elevators rooms are now working (with autosave)
-Finished room 250 (still needs to add the 3D models)
-Added 4 new sectors
-Added 2 new ambiente musics.
-Added the random noises ingame
-Add: Titlepic
-Fixed: actor heigh is now the same as spooky house one.
-Modified: main room now looks like the same as the spooky house (almost but it's there)
-Fixed: spooky now disapears when it fly up
-Specimen 2 now Spawn "disco" traps at any sector room (will be replaced by a 3D model with some green texture)
-Specimen 2 is now slower since it could get the play really easy in some cases
-Speicmen 8 is now slow
-Specimen 2-5-8 are now resized
-specimen 1 is now working at 90% of the cases (it only Spawn if he's touching some wall)
-specimen 1 now blocks the player
-specimen 1 now Spawn frequency is now lower
-add: new rooms
-I think I'm missing something...



Source Code:
3D models from v0008
GzSpooky Engine




Graf Zahl - Gzdoom Engine - Fixing specific some engine bugs found over the game.
MaxED - Fixing some bugs found over Gzdoom Builder and also helping with some gameplay logic.
terminusest13 - Flash Light code.
Revilution - Helping about how to make 3D models
Akuma Kira - Spooky's House of Jump Scares creator, allowed to make this mod  :D
Psychobilly2422 - Spooky's House of Jump Scares creator.
DpJydas - Tips with the shaders.


Edited by ibm5155 : nop - failed to insert youtube iframe | wrong source code for the engine

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Awesome TC, looking forward to the full release. What features will be missing if not ran with your custom port?

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10 minutes ago, DoodGuy said:

Awesome TC, looking forward to the full release. What features will be missing if not ran with your custom port?

you'll lose the game's intro and the new fog shader.

On a future release there maybe have some extra interaction with the menu that cannot be done with gzdoom right now.

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Spooky's House is one of my favourite horror games in the last few years, so seeing a Doom version would be awesome in the future!

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Lol when I saw that game for the first time a year or so ago I thought "wow that looks like a doom wad" :D I'm surprised this hasn't been done sooner

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