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Recording TAS in PrBoom+

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What is the correct syntax for doing a TAS in PrBoom+?

Syntax for a regular demo: glboom-plus -iwad IWAD Name -file WAD File -complevel Compatibility -warp Level number -record .lmp file name -skill Skill Level

Syntax for a TAS: ?

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If you want record, then this code:


glboom-plus.exe -dmp2017 -warp 10 -record demo1 -complevel 9 (skill 4 is automatically, but if you want, then set -skill 4)


If you want watch demo, then this code:


glboom-plus.exe -playdemo demo1


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TAS tools:

slowmotion - Options > General > Game speed percentage of normal (Syntax is the same)

strafe50 - Options > General > Permanent Strafe50 (Syntax is the same)

recordfromto - put "-recordfromto demo1 demo2" in the .bat file to record

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