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Any videos similar to Slaughterfest?

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I really love watching videos of Slaughterfest, Scythe and Sunlust.  Unfortunately there aren't many other videos/mods of this type on youtube that I've seen.  Perhaps you know similar mods/videos of intense action with hordes of monsters?  I'm not much for brutal doom.  Most of it seems centered on the player hiding behind walls and doing a few shots at a time. 


Also possibly interested in gameplay of custom weapons and monsters as long as it's action packed.

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Hm? I am sure if you search for the names of well known slaughtermaps, you will find a lot of them on Youtube. Almost always when searching for playthroughs, I find what I am looking for. (Usually when I get stuck on a map lol)


You can also go to that speedrunning site, compet-n I think it's called and download demos for the maps you want, then play them back through prboom+ or Eternity Engine. So you have perfect visual quality and constant 60fps slaughterrrring, you can replace the music or turn it off and have something else playing in the background etc.

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Check out DSDA on Youtube and search for runs by peeps like Ancalagon, Killer5, 0xf00ba12, Bloodite Krypto, j4rio, Nevanos (and all the other folks whose names i can't think of right now) who run hard maps. There's plenty of demos to be seen...

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