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Have your own Personal Destruction Device!

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After a few thousand drinks, I decided, what if there was a remote with a big red button on it that could destroy just about anything in no time flat? Well here you have it! Made with yours truly, MSPaint. (Replaces the plasma gun)


Buy your own personal destructor device for only $49.99! What a bargain! It slices! It dices! It gives nasty plasma burns! Available at Black Markets everywhere!


This will be part of a bigger weapon pack


The download:







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Thanks a lot, it's my first weapon, but I understand the rules of balance in video games (unfortunately for you) however, my next weapon pack is going to be a series of insanely powerful weapons for players who just want to see the end of the game, without directly cheating, that is. Thanks for your positive feedback :)

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I should also mention I have a weapon pack I'm finishing before that, it's about 90% complete so I can start the other one soon.

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11 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

I've expected to be a more insane gun, like you shot it and it destroy all the monsters in a room, but it's a fun mod overall...


such a weapon exists already. boss monsters immune. i think it's the bomb in the weapon resource wad.

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