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zDaemon Wont Let Me Play chillax-9.7.3 locally and I don't know why

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Talked to some guy in the IRC channel of zdaemon and he said zdeamon doesn't like dots in the wad names.  I figgered I could just change the name of the wad on my hard drive but I can't find the chillax-9.7.3 anywhere on my hard drive, which is so fucking bizarre!  I am obsessed with map 30 and beating this wad's version of the icon of sin and I need to noclip back there to see where to shoot.


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And yet it isn't.  I have "Searched" using the windows search function for both of my hard drives and there's nothing there.  It's absolutel bizarre.  Is there a place I can download these wads directly?

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Easiest way to "copy" the wads and settings from a server to play locally is to go to the server, press Escape, disconnect and then start a new game.


The original Chillax 9.7.3 and the required png_patch can be both downloaded from wad-archive:


The place where ZLauncher saves the downloaded wads for you should be written in zlauncher.ini (in your ZDaemon folder) as "dir0" under "[Dir]".

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Posted (edited)

heh, hi again
Well, if Zdaemon can "see" the wads then they must be on some of the folder that appear when you click on...
This button:


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THANKS for your advice, everyone.  I still can't play it locally for whatever strange reason, BUT, I managed to start my own server with the wad and practiced in there. I finally killed that fucker tonight!



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