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Doom 64/PSX Doom staff

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I thought this was interesting

According to the Doom wiki, there were about 6 people who were key in the PSX Doom port and the development of Doom 64.

-Aubery Hodges created the soundtrack, and he now makes occasional indie releases on Bandcamp

-Aaron Seeler and Harry Tesley, former worked on the engine ports, and latter worked on design and art, became hired by Valve and influenced Half-Life and other titles. (Harry worked on Half-Life 1, Aaron worked on Half-Life 2 and future Valve games.)

-Tim Heydelaar became an artist for Everquest II

-It seems that Danny Lewis, level designer, tester, and composer dropped out of the gaming scene after 64.

-Randy Estrella, who designed some of the maps, also dropped out of the gaming development scene.


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