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Man of Doom

Now doing Doom cosplay work for community projects!

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So if you've been to the Creative Works section of these forums, you can tell that I've been cosplaying Doomguy (or more specifically, my own animesque version of him). However, Shin Doomguy is getting something of a major visual revamp, and it'll be shown in a few months.


I've also been working on getting more Doomguy variants out the door, such as the Doomslayer (you obviously know how that works out), and another variant called Advanced Doomguy (which basically should be a more modernized version of classic Doomguy, using actual riot armor being worn if it's not frowned upon).


I know that the thread in Creative Works exists, but that’s purely meant to showcase my work. So the point of this thread is to show that I’ll allow others to use my images to put into their various projects (be it megawads or the like). In fact, since I'll be working on more Doomguy variants, I'd be more than happy to do specific photoshoots for specific projects if required.

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