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Joe Todd

Vengeance - Episode 2,3, and 4 Secret Levels

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Not what you think I'm going to ask. After 2 hours of searching, I found the episode 2, 3, and 4 secret levels in Vengeance. I found the E3 one with help. I haven't tried episode 1 yet. 75% of those two hours was finding the one in E4, as it is VERY, VERY, VERY (I mean it!!) well hidden. I'll tell you how to get to all of them, though.

E2: On Map 5, fing a crate room whick has a skull illusion in it. Fing a way to get on to the crate next to the illusion. It's not hard. Jump hard and enter the Skull. Flip the switch. Find the normal exit. Return to the start. Find a green marble hall with stairs on it (you might have seen this before.) A wall has benn lowered, revealing a teleport. Teleport. You reappear on a crate in the crate room. Jump off and flip the secret exit switch behind the wall that just lowered.

E4: Here's the toughie. Once you have all the keys, and enter the room with the two exit teleports (on Map2), save your game. One takes you into a grey walled area. This goes to Map 3. The other takes you into a square shaped green marble room, with stairs running through it. On the stair room, it looks link you just walk up and up. But you don't. HA HA HA!! An illusion teleport transports you. You don't need to do this at all to reach the secret. Just fing a candle on the floor, Open a secret door next to it. Enter. Don't flip the switch. Wait for the door to close. Press it. It doesn't open, but it is a fake switch!! The switch I told you not to flip has lowered. Tricky. The revealed teleport takes you to the secret level.

E3: Find the normal exit (on Map 6). It's right beyond the key door. Find a small box witk red/yellow textures on it. Close to it is a pestal with a skull switck. On the pestal is a discolored wall. Shoot it. A wall lowers, letting you into the box. Hurry in (it reraises.) Flip the icon switch you see. It takes you to the secret level.

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