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Any good wads to keep you busy for awhile?

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Is there any other wads that can keep you busy and focused on it for awhile?


I know there's ton of wads out there to play but I just want some to keep me busy until I can get my mind off of thing's and give me some ideas on how to build a wad I'm trying to work on since I'm really losing ideas on it.

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depends how you want to spend your time

if you grabbed Eternal Doom you could probably spend a hundred hours figuring out how to beat all those levels - they're strange and obscure

with BTSX E2 you could spend a hundred hours plasma-gunning or SSG-ing mid-tier monsters in pretty locations and finding progression will never once be an issue

Epic 2 is the best of both worlds - well-designed and long levels with some Hexen-like downtime. BTSX E2 starts out harder but stays at a flat level of difficulty whereas Epic 2 gets meaner and meaner

Edited by yakfak : revisiting the levels to make it look like i know what im talking about

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