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newly released wad mole doom episode 1 "in the mess of it"

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Did a quick run of M1 and M2 and found it to be very Knee-Deep-in-the-Dead-y. Cool. Ammo's just a little bit tight in the opener - ended up pistoling a bit more than I'd like. I'll probably finish this later.

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I played all of these maps in a somewhat quick fashion, and gave some feedback via discord already, so for those who want a quick rundown of what to expect from this episode replacement, here's a few things that caught my attention:


-Very vanilla-ish vibe overall, it does take a different spin on map08 though, which was very welcome in the bigger scope of things.


-Makes you look for secrets. Some of them are rather elaborate, automap really helps, in particular the secret exit in map 03 comes to mind.


-Isn't too hesitant to throw medium to bigger sized packs of stuff at people (relatively speaking, with vanilla doom scope in mind)


-Comes with some very nice throwbacks to good ol' doom I


-not too stressful to play overall, but requires some attention in places for a change of pace


-map 01 and map 02 are tight on ammo, unless you spot the secrets and the scattered goodies, past that ammo overall is readily available in most cases


Pretty strong first set of maps that is presented here. Looking forward to seeing more of it in the future.

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fdas noisy_inthemessofit.zip (prb+ cl9 nosaves)


I played through these, but i messed up the command line params so i only have 3 fdas, for e1m1 and e1m8, and e1m9.  


Pulling inspiration from the iwads is always a good idea in my opinion.  On that note, it's still subpar to KDitD, tbh, but still playable.  Somewhere halfway, I started getting bored of front-facing shotgun combat vs pinkies, so started pushing past things more aggressively and skipping monsters all-together, only stopping sometimes to pop off a shotgunner here and there.  This kept things interesting for me, and there was enough health to allow for it.


I thought the very subtle changes to the mapnames and end text were funny; you got a big fat grin out of me.


bug? on map 3 or one of the early maps, theres a door adjacent to a crusher, it's a one open door so i got it stuck and barely open.  It's a secret though, but can lock out completionists.  just fyi.

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https://youtu.be/t4JNpMgWcFM (Youtube video of the same thing)


And here's my playthrough of the whole thing. Pretty good as a episode 1 wad overall, just needed less STARTAN and some texture/alignment fixes here and there. I quite liked the creativity of the secret map (if not its bland texturing at times), and the gameplay was fun.


Hope to see more from you in the future josh!

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