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    • GripZ

      My bork hounds keeps pissing on the god dang floor.
      · 1 reply
    • silentzorah

      Turret's done.  Gonna take a break.  Maybe I can get the turret to do the rest of the mod?
      · 0 replies
    • Avoozl

      The Duke Nukem Forever 2013 mod for Duke Nukem 3D is actually quite good, when I first tried it I only played through the first map before losing interest, but now I got back into it and am enjoying it more. If someone told me that it was what DNF should've been I will heartily agree with them.
      · 3 replies

      Sometimes I have interesting ideas, but they usually need a monumental amount of work and I don't have the motivation/patience/skill to make them a reality.
      · 0 replies
    • Phade102

      My first community project, Confinement is officially open! Please, anyone interested feel free to let me know!
      · 0 replies
    • dmg_64

      I'm so bad at finishing things
      · 3 replies
    • TFK

      The End of School. The Beginning of Freedom. Yay!
      Yep. Its my summer holidays now, so I really don't know whether I need to stay here in Qatar or go somewhere like.. Vegas or London.
      Could you guys tell me about some popular tourist attractions? Serioisly, I do not want to waste my summer hols alone in India or Qatar.
      · 0 replies
    • TheUltimateDoomer666

      Ordered the original big box release of Final DOOM (UK version).  I already have the jewel case and manual (which is small and in black and white) from the Platinum budget re-release, but the original box is cool (I don't care about the Platinum PC big boxes).  As with the DOOM II box I ordered, it was relatively inexpensive.  Much cheaper than the US boxes I've seen.
      · 0 replies
    • YukiRaven

      \m/, *headbangs while grilling chicken* \m/,

      · 1 reply
    • AbsorbedHatch

      I actually really like this song.
      · 0 replies
  • File Reviews

    • By felgro · Posted
      Best entry in series so far - recommended.
    • By SnowyDude74 · Posted
      Doomguy 2000 back at it with those high quality doom wads. Good work man, can really see the effort in this.     I can't complain too much though. This is basically a gigantic midi zip folder than I can add to my music collection.
    • By felgro · Posted
      Another of the better maps in this series, and again, because it's not cramped and does not go overboard on the slaughter. Ammo here is also better balanced.
    • By felgro · Posted
      One of the better entries in the series. Has some expansive spaces for a change and the overkill is toned down for a more enjoyable experience. Probably has way too much plasma for most, but I like that.
    • By Csonicgo · Posted
      If you were wondering how Doom handles large spaces, load this up and see for yourself. B.P.R.D.'s use of scale is on full display here, along with intelligent use of texture themes, lighting contrast, and colors. It's also a bit of a SHAWN overload, but everyone loves that texture, so what's the problem?   This map is best played 640x400 or higher; 320x200 just absorbs most of the areas into a pixelated mess.
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