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- Weapon progression since I first started making weapons till now -

The Weapons Emporium is a place where I will showcase all the weapons I have drawn for DooM, and where you can freely take any gfx you see for your conversion.   There's no asking for permission (unless otherwise noted) because I am making all these guns open to the public and free to download.  I will also, on occasion, take a request or 2 for creating a new weapon.  I will also accept any submissions for weapons, and include a name and E-mail on it's page for who created it.

Maybe you'd care to know a little about the weapons themselves?  Well for the past 6 years of DooM Editing I've done I've honed my skills at making weapons.   In Fact that was the first thing I ever changed in doom (Check out the Star Trek Sprites in the menu)  As you can se by the image above, I've gotten rather good at weapons.  I Know that the current trend in video games is 3D weapons, and I think they look absolutely fantastic, however I feel 3D weapons have NO place in Doom.   Rarely does a 3D model turned sprite ever look good in DooM (I'm sure everyone has seen Half Life weapons in DooM before and can attest to that).  The Palettes rarely match up and they simply don't look right.  This is why I lovingly, craft each weapon by hand pixel by pixel.

I also want to share this information with people because I think Weapons in Doom are underrated.  There are few good "new" weapons in doom (I'd highly reccomend Immoral Conduct for just great weapon modding) and I would LOVE to see people taking pride in releasing new guns with wads.  To this day I still enjoy seeing weapon replacements in wads, even when it's a n00b with graphics that look like the early guns above.

To navigate the page (yes, I know it sucks) scroll through the "computer" and select the weapon you want to see.  It will bring up a new page with the description, link and a shot of what the gun looks like.

Most of the weapons available include a dehacked patch to show how all the frames work together.

In the case that a weapon does need permission, follow the link provided with the weapon and mail the team for permission.


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