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for Moderately Advanced Artists

This Tutorial is how I go about creating weapons.  Follow along below if you can.  I use Paint Shop Pro for my Guns, but you can get by using anything from Microsoft Paint (Harder), to Photoshop.


gun1.gif (1578 bytes)
This looks absolutely fantastic

I generally start off with a w320 x h200 image since that's the standard full screen resolution of DooM.  The Dot in the middle indicates the Center of the screen, which you're gonna want your weapons to point to (unless you make them centered).  If they don't you'll have an askew look in game and make it difficult for the player to shoot straight.

After getting a ROUGH outline in, I make a pwad and replace the gun to see how the it feels in the game.  You'd hate to go too far and then realise that the gun is off.

ingame1.gif (28695 bytes)

Now that we know it looks Perfect, we can leave it and release it.  OR for you perfectionists out there, we can add a littl ebit more detail to it.

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