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for Moderately Advanced Artists

This Tutorial is how I go about creating weapons.  Follow along below if you can.  I use Paint Shop Pro for my Guns, but you can get by using anything from Microsoft Paint (Harder), to Photoshop.


gun2.gif (1644 bytes)

Next, we'll start adding the outlines of the details.  I've added the vented barrels outline, Flame canisters and Pilot Light.  You'll really need a good sense of perspective so that things don't look like their facing the wrong direction, that's just something you'll have to learn on your own.


gun3.gif (1940 bytes)

I've now Applied colour to all the parts of the gun, so that I know what to expect.


gun4.gif (2229 bytes)

Next Is Shading.  i've coloured areas darker that will later be the darkest parts so I know where to shade from.  The only shadows doom applies to weapons is make them darker according to the room light.  Therefore you must supply the light sourcing.  In Art in general, when there is no light source present, light shines from the upper left corner.  I've highlighted the parts accordingly by placing darker shadows on the right sides and backs of the gun.

Our Flame Thrower is actually starting to resemble a weapon.   Unfortunately it looks like an untextured 3D model (and alot like my earlier weapons, yet 100x better) Now comes the difficult part of Shading, Lighting and texturing.   This takes a long time... which is where most of my weapons stall for a while because I'm one lazy sonofa bitch.

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