November 2000 - Free Hissy!

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free hissy
Iím not sure what the hell the Hissy thing is all about - being in your final year at University can seriously effect your ability to keep up with the community, even if my last two days were wasted Ė all my lectures were cancelled as itís flooded here in sunny Sussex and my lecturers didnít feel like drowning for my education, the selfish bastards. Donít they know Iím the future? Still, back to where I started that extraordinarily long sentence, itís pretty funny. So donít free Hissy, for then the campaign would have to stop. A viscous circle, no less.

Well, I have a stinking cold, how are you all? Feeling better than me I hope, and a lot better than my girlfriend, who spent the last week in hospital with appendicitis (feel free to send your get well e-mails to

Still, as this is a DooM e-zine (and one that, due to college commitments and poorly girlfriends is becoming a lot less frequentÖ sorry, but it'll now be monthly but kick ass) Iíd better start talking DooM, eh? Well, a couple of exciting things have happened (or at least one has, and one should by the time this issue of the mag is up): both Covert Ops and the new version of SkullTag have arrived! Woohoo! If thatís not a cause for celebration, I donít know what is (apart from those whole riots in Yugoslavia, which were pretty cool). Youíll find reviews of both those wads (but sadly not the Yugoslavian riots) later in this very same issue of icarusweb.

As this issue's taken much longer than normal to reach your virtual shelves, I've really pulled out the stops with 4 (count 'em) reviews and three featured articles, including this month's interview with ZDooM mistro, Tarin, a discussion of sprites vs. models, and the thoughts of a Half Lifer coming back to DooM. So read them, then go and get your cocoa and head off to bed. Thereís a good DooM community.

Remember Ė we always need articles for icarusweb, so if you want to shoot your mouth off about something, get up on your soapbox and play that funky music, whiteboy. Or something. Anyway, all editorial articles can be forwarded to , either as a word attachment or just in the e-mail Ė the decision is yours.

Icarus Wing


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